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    Questions for the knife experts out there from a newbie headed to Japan

    3. One post I read suggested cheap carbon Nakiri's can be found practically everywhere in Japan for $15, any brands besides Tojiro that might be better all-round nakiris for cheap? For instance, what's the the MAC JU-65 Nakiri at $60 going to get you that the Tojiro DP at $30 wont? Durability...
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    First Rehandle

    Thanks Dsanchez2503, but I'm not the one you would want to rehandle your knives.  I am worse than a rank amateur.  There are people on here that would do you a very good job. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can give you some suggestions. Jim 
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    Drywall screen flattening

    Pretty much the same way I do it. And the rinse is important 
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    Whats wrong with German knives?

    I'm not experienced enough to be commenting on this, but I will anyway and some one else can tell me I'm all wet.  I have a German profile chef knife and several J knives.  For an 8" knife I really like the German knife, anything over that up to 12" blades I like the Japanese knives.  Weight has...
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    Best combo stone in a budget ?

    I don't have anything bad to say about that stone, it is what I learned to sharpen on.  It is also known as SteeleX from some vendors.  They are smaller than other more expensive stones, but I still think for a starter stone they are good. 
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    First Rehandle

    Thanks everyone. :)  It was a fun project.
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  14. First Rehandle

    First Rehandle

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    First Rehandle

    I bought an old Homestead knife off Ebay for $11 including shipping.  The handle was in such bad shape I decided to try and rehandle it myself.  I don't have any Wa handled knives so that is what I decided to use.  Since the knife was so cheap and figured I wasn't out much if I screwed it up...
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