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    new to catering please help

    I'm just curious how long you guys doing this gig...
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    Scottsdale Culinary Institute

    Hello fellow culinarians i'm attending too this coming Oct. I actually have a orientations this coming sept. 30 maybe I could meet you guys there (Tim Luy 19 yrs. old). Can't wait and by the way I never had a work experiences too. Only by watching, follwing a recipe in some books or magazines...
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    Scottsdale Culinary Institute

    I'm attending this Oct. and I'll keep you posted. By the way they were adding BA culinary Arts next year if that's help you in anyway. The school location is awesome you are surounded by alot of great restaurant. Anyway I will keep you posted since you are planning to attend within two years.
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    Pie Dough

    I need a Pie Dough recipe someone help me out?
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    Do people take you for granted?

    It never happened but it pist me off especially I have some relative like this people who don't respect your profession gladly I'm moving out of state to persue my career. They do this to my parents but my parents are the nices people and I guess they just suck it up out of respect to this...
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    Iron Chef America

    Yeah I keep laughing every time I watch it. I'm sure is way better than the last time(Bobby Flay VS Morimoto).
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    What are the three strangest things you've eaten in your lifetime?

    1. Frog taste great but when you trhink about it it will gross you out IMO. 2. chicken intestine(BBQ) taste great. 3. oax tongue cooked with cream of mushroom. It has a soft texture that is nice when you chew it. :chef: 4. Duck egg! When the egg is starting to form the baby and it was boil...
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