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    Commercial Kitchen Info

    Try this site- Commercial Kitchens for Rent Best of luck!
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    relatives wedding

    Well, as a Mormon, I can tell you that my reception was just like any other reception, just without the booze. I think that calling it a dinner dance is a bit rude. The thing about many LDS weddings is that they send out announcements to their entire congregation, and I would say that many...
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    Caribbean Dishes

    I don't personally have a problem with goat, but the client wants something a little more familiar to the guests. She is leaning towards beef (I told her that beef wasn't big in Caribbean menus, but she doesn't care), and chicken. I was thinking maybe mini crab cakes & plantains topped with...
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    Caribbean Dishes

    I am bidding on a Caribbeen themed rehearsal dinner for 100 guests. The Mother of the Groom wants something nice, not too cheesy or anything, and the budget is anywhere from $30-$50 a head. Now, I know a little about Caribbeen flavors- enough to know that there is A LOT going on down there...
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    Sushi catering

    Like everyone else has already said, you need to check with your county/city. You also need to make sure you've got insurance, and are trained in safe food handling (Serve-Safe, etc.). Please don't take this to personally, but as a HUGE sushi fan, I've got to point out that making sushi is...
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    My Meny

    My business is similar in that I create custom menus, but there are plenty of sample menus that I have created. Many times people want to try some of those things, and then I suggest other items based on what they are looking for. Costing out menus is very importiant when it comes to turning...
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    Can someone critique my cater estimate?

    I would have priced it higher.... But, if you're comfortable with it, go for it!
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    Cupcake Stand?

    I have used this product before and thought is was great. I think the wind would have to be pretty strong to blow all those cupcakes away! Good luck!
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    Personal Chefs-any here?

    Hi. I've been a personal chef for a couple years. What kinds of questions do you have? You can pm me if you want to chat! Jessica
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    Personal Chef?

    Hi Cathey. I'm a personal chef and wouldn't mind chatting with you about the field. Shoot me an email and perhaps we could set up a good time to chat. [email protected]
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