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    Help with Re-model cooktop(?) burners.

    I'm thinking of a range top 30" with a dedicated area for individual induction burner(s).  Its hard for me to totally get away from gas.  The range top looks nicer then the cook top style and the area containing the cooking center will be very visible from the entire living are so I would like...
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    Grass-fed Beef Flavor

    but walkergrassfed says this- bad taste is a result of- "get too young a beef - it takes just about 3 years to properly finish a beef on 100% grass. My meat is as well marbled as any feed-lot beef but it takes the extra year to get a beautiful marbeling on grass only. This adds to the expense...
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    Grass-fed Beef Flavor

    Here in the states it is hard enough to get to know the ranchers/farmers but the "butchers" and processors(?) its a game changer here...almost impossible for the average working get to know them.
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    Grass-fed Beef Flavor

    Wow... I am going to take this to my GF rancher today.
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    Grass-fed Beef Flavor

    This is quite a read..... I bought 1/4 of a GF cow a few years ago......basically very good but I appreciate the opinions here. The local farmers markets are my sources. My main problem is the toughness... I buy from local ranchers w/ in a 200 mile...
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    Beef Short Ribs Slow Cooker Substitute

    Thanks, it was a lot of work.
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    What did you have for dinner?

    GF short ribs, Spanish Rice, Small Lasagna, guest brought Gulf Shrimp... Kale salad
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