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    Old pastry called "Chop Suey"

    I definitely remember making something called chop suey when I was in baking school: Yeast 75 g water 825 g make a yeast slurry in a mixing bowl.  sift flour and place on top of yeast slurry. bread flour 1500g place the folllowing ingreds on top of the flour eggs (2) 90g salt 30 g sugar...
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    Baking in Gas convection vs Electric convection?

    Hi! I am opening a bakery and am not sure what kind of oven would be best for my needs.  At home I use an electric convection oven, however at the used restaurant supply stores I am seeing lots of gas convection ovens.  Does anyone have any insight as to the differences in the commercials...
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    Blood Red Airbrush Color?

    I would airbrush in red and let dry. Then mix red food colour w vodka and corn syrup and paint it on. It dries glossy and blood like, and will hopefully be a deeper red hue for you. Also - holiday red is an orange-y red. I'd use super red or red red.
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