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    What to do with a good duck stock

    I'll have to look up what that means ))) Sounds interesting, thanks.
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    What to do with a good duck stock

    Hi, I'm looking for ideas. I have made a rich duck stock. Full of flavour. Now what to do with it, without spoiling it, or overpowering that ducky flavour. The obvious is a soup with veggies and coconut milk, but I'm also tempted to do something with mushrooms, and maybe some peas snaps and...
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    Here's my calamari recipe.

    So tonight I have bought and cleaned calamari/squid. (In my experience the uncleaned calamari is best). Separated the heads from the tubular body, and cut the tubes into rings. Patted it all dry with a towel and sprinkled with paprika. Now I'm going to heat some olive oil to a good heat in a...
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    Deboned, stuffed Quail (What temperature to cook at)

    Hi, I think 2 per adult is a generous portion... especially with the stuffing, and if you will have any side dishes...
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    Ideas for Spanish Mackerel

    If you have a smoker, they would be great smoked... And any left over smoked mackerel can be mixed with creme fraiche, a squeeze of lemon, black pepper and flakes of salt to make a pate? Serve with spring onions on open sandwiches...
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    Indian prawn curry

    Hi all I have some medium sized tiger prawns. I'm going to make a curry sauce and then add them at the last minute to cook for about 2 minutes. My dilemma is: How to use the heads!! I've removed the prawns' shells, and left the tail and head on, but should I leave the heads on, and put them...
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    Deboned, stuffed Quail (What temperature to cook at)

    Hi all I followed a recipe online from Master Class for deboned quails, except I stuffed my quails... I stuffed them with a mixture of: buckwheat onions fried in bacon fat roasted pinenuts finely chopped parsley a few cooked porcini mushrooms I have wrapped the quails in bacon and fried them...
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