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    Not getting credit as head chef - Not sure how I feel about this

    I agree with Kuan. As a tradesman, seek affirmation from partners within your trade. In the first couple of decades of work I felt the need for recognition from the guest and management. Lose yourself in teaching. It will ease the pain. Eventually those you taught will ring the bell for...
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    Working in the field long term. can anyone do it?

    I turned 53 in January. Spent six months of the last year working 7 days a week. Not ideal, but, it happened. During the summer I passed three kidney stones, passed one cooking Sunday breakfast. Last week I had a massive heart attack, was hit with the paddles two times, got a stent. No...
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    I'm looking for a word. I call it the "feather". What do you call the fringe on the outside edge of a flounder, halibut or fluke filet?
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    Advice on starting as a breakfast chef for the first time.

    Hi Jessica, you just need time. And a good line. Periodically I've worked as a breakfast short order cook throughout the years. Contemplate the set up on the line and the positioning of equipment. A good short order cook should be able to do around 200 covers alone. You will eventually train...
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    My aching feet

    Wondering if any of the participants here suffer from plantar fasciitis? Any way to make it better other than staying off your feet for an extended amount of time. If I sit in the afternoon or evening you could shoot me where I sit. Its not unbearable, but extremely painful, both heels. 45...
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    Controlling Food Waste in Kitchens

    No substitution for being there. I personally have had more trouble with silverware, stemware, and china, but you know, you have to be there, on a daily basis. Meat, Seafood, Poultry? Anything high end.....locked up. You make time to inventory all proteins....every every day. When the cats...
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    How do you guys keep hollandaise sauce hot during service?

    I've always made a blender hollandaise. Keep yolks ready in deli cup in fridge and hot butter on hot shelf. Don't add much water, just use the milk solids for the salt and the liquid, lemon, tabasco. You end up finding where to put it, whether its a triple pan in the steamtable or a warm...
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    Dry pork belly

    Agree with leaving it to cool in braising liquid. Also think 4 hour braise should be enough, in a commercial setting.
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    Puffed Pork Skin

    I think the sugar content in the braise will interfere. I've boiled it in lightly acidulated water....cider vinegar.....until tender and then fried.
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    I've got half of a case of peaches, and only a couple of ideas of what to do with them. Anyone have

    Put them in large jars with vodka.....maybe a vanilla been and a couple of datil peppers....or spicy peppers
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    Tricks to poaching eggs

    As a short order cook I purchased two large electric skillets....medium to high quality. I could do 24 eggs in 3 to 4 minutes, depending on whether the eggs were room temp or cold. Other than pre poaching it was the best can even hold them in a skillet set very low.
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    Here is a little info....silvadene cream....costs about $80 for a small container....if you have pets ask you vet for the animal version....its about a quarter of the price.'s going to happen, especially as a short order breakfast cook. I have a phillips head screw burn on my elbow.
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    Inventory and food cost detail when trying to keep a seasonal menu.

    I don't think there are any shortcuts. If something is purchased it should go into the inventory. Some programs I've seen, many which end up dormant, are linked to vendors and automatically updated as they are ordered. Sadly, I've not found a program that will keep up. I always have to spend...
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