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    Seven Deadly Sins

    And is this to imply I'm not - or perhaps that someone said you weren't? Because I don't recall either event happening. I can tell you're not a President Bush supporter - it doesn't take much for the informed to pick them out, but I'm not here for political argument either. I end this now...
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    Seven Deadly Sins

    Deep breath. First of all, I sure am not the one who brought politics into this and I, too, do not wish to turn this into some poltiical debate/fight/argument - whatever you wish to call it. I just was so incredulous at the ignorance, as I thought much more highly of the members in here, I...
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    Maple Syrup Beyond Breakfast

    Wow...lots of goodies! I found this one - sounds so simple after all those I read, but I thought it sounded interesting - haven't tried it yet though.. MAPLE RICE PUDDING 1 quart skim milk 2 cups cooked long-grain white rice 1/3 cup sugar free maple syrup plus 2 tablespoons sugar free maple...
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    Seven Deadly Sins

    Why would you say such a silly thing like this? that's awful. Did you graduate from both Harvard and Yale? Did you run the state of Texas successfully and win your second election with overwhelming popularity - when winning a 2nd election in TX is almost impossible in the first place? Do you...
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    Not a political forum, just curious

    I'm in WI, and we're just about tied for the 2nd highest taxed state in the entire United States. I have heard people say we are the 2nd, but others say 3rd, so I looked into it and in some things were 2nd, some 3rd - it's running a close tie. And it is wretched how this state wastes its...
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    Is there a doctor in the house?

    Wow..I never heard of anything like that - I hope it's nothing serious. Let us know what the doc says, if you don't mind that is, okay?
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    Isn't anyone else single???

    That really sounds like fun, kokopuffs! We don't have anything like that where I come from...probably because all anyone around here gets into cooking is brats with beer and lots of sausages, hot dogs and hamburgers! :rolleyes: Ohhh...can feel my arteries There was a trio of...
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    Healthy Baking

    No prob - we all have our days. CompassRose, Those recipes you posted look mega- healthy! Hope you don't mind I copied them - and thank you for sharing them!
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    Dumb Question

    Now that one I'm not even going to try - whoa! :confused:
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    Isn't anyone else single???

    That sounds like a great idea - I just may do that! Or join one. Sounds like it could be fun - although one does have to be careful on the 'net; that I learned the hard way. But cooking should be relatively safe, Iwould Maybe I'll start one so I can 86 any kooks that lurk...
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    Isn't anyone else single???

    Were you serious about that? I thought this WAS the place to come for any topic...hmmmm. Well, if you were serious, then no one can talk about marriage, either... I'm so confused...:confused:
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    Isn't anyone else single???

    :D I sort of thought so too - thanks! (I know how you feel...I truly do!) One does get used to it though - and it's nice not having anyone messing up the apartment - although there are times when I'd give anything to see a mess. The place stays so perfect it's darn near superficial...
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    Maple Syrup Beyond Breakfast

    I'll try that because I've always wanted to try the "real" thing - and marma, I have seen that "imitation" on those store bought bottles and never did like that! :p One time I used maple extract in some recipe calling for it and it was horrible! On the flip side of the kind I bought, this was...
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