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    Faux fondant?

    No, I'm not making the fondant, thank heavens, but I do have to coat the foam with something.  The layers are going to be totally separate from the actual cake section so it doesn't make a difference if the coating is edible or not.
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    Uses for squishy berries?

    The berries are all mixed so the garde manager and sauce guys don't want them, they just steal my fresh ones.  Maybe a berry foam for my panna cotta or something . . . 
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    Faux fondant?

    I have to do a faux/real combo wedding cake and am looking to see if I can cut some cost/effort/energy with a real looking faux fondant - poured or rolled - for the styro pieces.  Any ideas on a good substitute?  The cake it going to end up pink-ish so as long as the base isn't terribly dark...
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    Almonde Pate Sable

    Totally, whole eggs are a must and make the dough at least a day before you need it so you can let it rest over night before you sheet it and use it.  Should freeze great once it's sheeted then you can just cut and bake what you need right from frozen.  That's what I do, mash my scraps together...
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    Uses for squishy berries?

    Hey Gang - As I'm sure many of you do every night during service - and at least once a week for what I have in inventory - I pick out the squishy berries I have in stock and freeze them to use for coulis, jam, gelee and sorbet at some future date.  The problem is I'm sick of 4 berry coulis...
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    Watermelon maddness

    Pick away! I went super simple to let the watermelon do most of the talking: Fresh seedless watermelon - about 5# of meat - pureed and strained Sugar, to taste - about 4oz Lime juice, to taste - about 5ea Gin, to taste - about 1oz Stabilizer - 7g/liter of base Still working on what to...
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    Watermelon maddness

    Thanks for the ideas!  I'm still fiddling, will let you know what happens in the end.  I'm thinking of folding the sorbet with a lime semi freddo at this point.  We'll see how it works.
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    Watermelon maddness

    So summer is well upon us and I find myself growing more and more obsessed with my new watermelon sorbet.  It's fantastic, but I'm having trouble pairing it with something for service.  I'm thinking maybe a black tea sticky rice with some crushed walnuts might do it, but don't know how well...
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    Cookies baking differently each batch

    Aside from all the cooling stuff mentione above, you need to be super careful when measuring your ingredients.  A little extra sugar or flour can make a huge difference in your finished product.  Do it the exact same way every time and you should be ok. If you're really looking for precision...
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    Really really? That's what you're going to interview with?

    Mini rant: There's a new restaurant opening up near us and they're interviewing for the chef de cuisine position.  We happen to have a large kitchen, a slow week and a chef de cuisine who's friends with the new owners.  As such the interviewees are using our facilities to do their tasting menu...
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    Life as a Pastry Chef/Baker ? Please help me out here

    How do any of us?  If it's important enough to you, you make it work. As far as the money thing goes, it really depends on where you end up and the skill set you bring to the table.  I happen to work in a super corporate environment and, at least for our fine dining facility, we don't hire...
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    Help with a dish

    That sounds fan-stinkin-tastic Rexxar! What about doing a tea/coffee infused anglaise in alginate to bring a little of that tea/coffee bitterness into it; maybe sweetened with some vanilla or add a little frangellico or benedictine to it.
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    Cupcake issues - What would cause this?

    And that ugly mouth feel, probably some kind of shortening instead of butter.  Blech.
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    Moroccan madness

    Google images are great and with the right name I got the bread immediately.  The sauce has been more of a challenge; since it's not exactly a sauce nor am I 100% on what it's called.  The ideas have been great though and I have a couple days off soon so I'll be doing a little Moroccan...
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