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    A question for you big chefs

    seriously, the more u shave, the more it grows. and be ware of fire, it may burn ur arm hair..... I experienced before....
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    u can toast(roast) crouton in the oven, by mix the diced bread with salt, pepper, olive oil, (Rosemary, Thyme(if you want)). toss them gentally, and put them on shallow trays, set oven 150-160c, put them in the oven for 10 min, then toss them, then another 10min and till golden brown. put the...
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    Anyone eat/serve Tofu?

    normally Tofu can be served cold (salad) and hot. I personally love the asian steam tofu wit soyo sauce.
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    Nice tropical Mango mousse dessert

    ,that looks amazing. here is the question: what is the blueside decoration?
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    Chef Fashion

    no offense. I personally into white chef jacket. I have few black short sleeve jacket, but always hang on the wall
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    What are you listening to these days?

    I have a very noisy neighbour... so I didn't listen anything...sad!
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    Worst things about being a Chef

    I think when last ticket comes in 2 min. before closing and everything is clean
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    hi chefs

    hi, my name is Qing and I am new to this forum and I completed my cooking course, so far I work in finland for 4 months and will go back to Australia at the end of may. Nice to see all of you. I just have quick question, does anybody work in UK area?? I want some information to about how does...
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