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    What kind of coffee do you like to drink?

    LavAzza. Sometimes through the french press. Mostly automatic drip.
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    Bakeware and Utensil Questions

    The last few years I've gotten completely away from metal bakeware for pies and cakes and have switched to glazed stoneware. Durable and very easy cleanup. I believe Williams-Sonoma's bakeware is made by Chicago Metallic.
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    So now I can cook....annoying side effects.

    I agree that it gets harder to find restaurant meals I feel are worth what they are charging me. It's true that restaurants have a much higher cost involved in the preparation of food than just the ingredients, which is the yardstick most of us home cooks use, but it always, in my mind, comes...
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    So what did you cook for Valentines?

    I did a short-rib braise, loosely based on a recipe from Gourmet magazine, that was only semi-successful. The sauce and vegetables were wonderful, but I had picked up some "boneless" short ribs to try and they were not good. Just chunks of rubbery beef that never did get tender and came out kind...
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    growing basil

    Is the plant still in the pot in which it was purchased? If so, the problem could be that it's root bound and needs more room. If you plan on keeping it potted, I would put it into a pot that has at least a 12" diameter at the top. If you are trying to grow the plant indoors, then a lot is going...
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    Improving your Repetoire

    Timing, proper spicing, sauces, braising - well, most things, really. But I too am cursed. Being an American male, it shames me to say that I can't grill a steak without it coming out well-done. Part of the problem, I know, is that my wife and daughter want their steaks cooked medium and so I...
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    Hello from Colorado

    I live in Upper Colorado, about a half-hour from the Wyoming border. I’m an old guy (just went on Medicare, and is that a shock to say out loud). I debated somewhat on what to say my level of experience is, as at one time I was the food editor for a small group of newspapers and did a weekly...
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