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    Commercial Wells WB2 Waffle Iron

    For sale is a Commercial Grade Wells WB2 Waffle Iron. This Iron sells new for $1100 but I am asking $450 OBO -- I am negotiable and am willing to ship CONUS. I am a new chef at a location and went sifting through unused equipment and found a virtually new WB2 waffle iron collecting dust and...
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    FOH steering the customers

    I work with a FOH under the leadership of a relatively new, corporate-style, do-everything-it-takes-and-more manager. Recently though, the level of service we're willing to provide our guests has gotten out of hand to the point were I'm constantly having to alter a particular dish I created...
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    How do you handle this?

    We can all agree to replace the food. Keep it on the check and throw a dessert at them, take off a corkage fee, whatever... It's just unfortunate that in replacing the food you're essentially admitting you made the mistake, not the FOH or it being the customer's own hair.
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    How to use sous vide

    I've never worked in a restaurant that used the technique so I'm a bit skeptical as to how you can apply it in a working kitchen. I bit the bullet on buying the equipment for personal use and now want to use it at work. I hope it can help my line by shortening ticket times and improve plate...
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    Mother Sauces & Beurre Blanc

    Debating the Mother Sauce is pointless as we can all agree there are five as far as quizing green-gilled pantry cooks is concerned. Doesn't mean you can't make your own list or take credit away from Beurre Blanc. Believe me, I've seen more people not be able to make a stable beurre blanc that...
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    Creme Brulee Sampler Dishes?

    I'm looking for a brulee sampler plate set-up. Of all the ones I've seen they're either poor quality, cheesy, insanely expensive, or have a wooden tray that I don't want to deal with and maintain. So can anyone please direct me to a basic white three compartment dish I can use for a sampler? If...
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    staff meal...

    For me, Family meals are designed for my kitchen only as dinner first, inspiration second. Sometimes they get a real treat, sometimes it's BFD, sometimes it's something as simple as pasta or mac and cheese with leftover sausages. Either way, if any FOH staff wants the meal they need to see me or...
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    Kitchen Pranks!?

    Good one. I still take the bright orange cooled fat cap off of beef stock, cut it into cheesecake size wedges, make it pretty with whipped cream, caramel sauce and other garnish and tell the managers or new servers that it's out new Yam cheesecake. Works every time! A classic but we had a guy...
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    Need good mole recipes for chicken

    I have been striking out with mole recipes. Seems the more complex the more the potential of the sauce's flavors being muttled. I've tried two complez recipes without skipping a beat, one was a variation of Diana Kennedy's. I tried one recipe that was quick and actually better than the ones that...
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    Need appetizer inspiration

    I recently took an exec position and have rolled out a new fall menu. I have 7 appetizers on the menu currently, most of which have been on the menu for years and are now landmarks that the owner doesn't want me to touch. Without getting into too much detail I'll explain what I have. Of the...
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    Hearts of Palm

    Never used the stuff and have no creative idea on how to utilize the cans collecting dust in our storage. All I know is that the boss wants me to move them in some type of fish special and I have no winning ideas coming to mind. Even checked all my cookbooks and found little on the subject...
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    Green Thai Curry

    Been trying to make my own curry base for sometime now. Want to take more pride in doing them from scratch instead of using mae ploy. I have some decent base recipes i've written but nothing seems to really pop on the palate. Not sure what needs tweaking on some. Want to run a green curry with...
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    baking goat cheese

    Thanks for all the advice. Anyone have direction as far as wrapping in pastry or phllyo?
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    baking goat cheese

    We will if we sell it that way. We're basically testing a few things for new appetizers as the cost of crab and lamb has gone up and forced up to revamp. It's not on the menu YET.
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    baking goat cheese

    So I got put in charge of making a baked goat cheese appetizer for our new menu. It's basically a wilted salad among other things served with an almond crusted baked piece of cheese. I figured the chevre would be brittle on it's own and decided to whip cream cheese with it. Did 2 parts goat...
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