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    Salting grilled meat

    How long before you plan to grill or cook in a cast iron pan should salt / season grilled meat? I have read different thoughts on this....please enlighten me. :)
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    Italian recipe

    Yes exactly....I knew there wasn't such word...but thought what am I missing something. How they destroy these words I just don't know. Have a great day!
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    Italian recipe

    Thanks for the response. The bakery I bought this from calls it ansogno bread (Addeo Bakery) probably dialect of some sort.
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    Italian recipe

    Does anyone have recipe for Ansogno bread? We buy it on Arthur Ave in the Bronx ,NY. It is sold in the shape of a ring filled Will some chopped prosciutto. So Yummy would love to make at home.
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    No luck cooking Octopus. One method I read says to quickly blanch then grill, but doesn't say how long to grill. Another recipe says to simmer for 30 to 40 minutes the baste with a marinade and do a quick grill. Just trying to achieve some tender octopus.....Thoughts? What do think is the best...
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    Need a good recipe of chocolate Cake

    I use the chocolate mayonnaise cake on the Epicurious site. Delicious!
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    Help chicken breasts

    Hi All, I noticed more recently when cooking chicken breasts they always seem tough and I am careful not to over cook. Is there something going on with the industry in general? Any suggestions, tips or ideas?
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    Cast iron pans

    I have recently started using cast iron. I have seasoned the pan as per instructions and used a few times. Just used it again and this was something I hadn't noticed in the past. I finished sautéing onions and peppers for a tex/mex dish. After finishing I wiped the pan down with an oiled paper...
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    lump crabmeat question

    Question: I purchased a container of crabmeat last week and only used half. Do you think it is still ok to use for New Years Eve. It has been refrigerated all week. Thoughts??
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    Sidedish with Lasagna

    Hi, I am serving salad as a first course. Main course lasagna, was looking for some ideas for a side dish. Thanks...all
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    Gino's East Pizza Crust

    Ok...I know it looks sad. Am trying to make a Chicago style pizza. Followed spinnybobo's recipe. Not Sure where I went wrong. I did allow the dough to rise for 24 hours as recommended. Looks like a fruit pie instead...Yikes. Should I have folded the excess dough back inside. BTW, never been to...
  12. Gino's East Pizza Crust

    Gino's East Pizza Crust

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    Gino's East Pizza Crust

    One more thing about using a cast iron skillet? :)
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    Gino's East Pizza Crust

    Thanks so much...why the corn oil? Is it because of the smoke point??
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