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    advice on reheating frozen slices of homemade pecan pie for service

    Hey, I work in a fairly low volume country club kitchen in a small town. Nice golf course but a busy night on the restaurant side is around $1200.  So we don't sell that many desserts. Anyways, i make a homemade pecan pie, homemade crust, and after cooling i freeze, cut into 8ths, individually...
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    veggies that dehydrate well and dips?

    Hello all, We have a christmas party coming up and i was trying to think of a good way to introduce veggies to it besides just having raw one on a tray with ranch. I want something fairly simple (not requiring silverware is a plus). I figured since i bought a 6 tray food dehydrator a while...
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    Hello to All

    :peace: Hello from Atlanta, GA. I'm a college student who has enjoyed cooking for a good portion of his life, though i have never worked at a restaurant (assuming moe's doesn't count). My brother has about a year left before he's finished with his 3 year internship at Sea Island Resort...
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