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    Best Catering Software

    Hi Jacqualynn. Are you still in search for a good catering software? I've been running my small catering service business for a couple of years now and I have to say that technology has been of great help to me. With good advice from people I know who had been on the same business ahead of me...
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    new, here- a working mom

    Hi workfromhome, welcome to cheftalk, you will definitely love it here! And yes did you say you're a working mom? let me guess, you work from home, right? Just a guess from your chosen id. Well, I do work too, but got no kids yet so I joined here for my hubby. I've got to say for a very short...
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    Organized Cooking

    Thank You, thank you so much....Now I feel so excited cooking for dinner time with all these stuff you share with me. You're right sweetie, I need to come up with the simple sides first. I know I am not the best cook in the world but I can be one of them with all the things I learn from here. I...
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    My hubby was staring at me earlier while i was in front of the stove waiting for the stew to boil. he was wondering why I was smiling and suddenly burst into laughter suddenly. It's all your fault guys; your fault for posting these cool jokes.. Keep posting!
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    Organized Cooking

    Hi Jane, Thanks for that five-day menu.Now I am excited to get started. This sure has helped me lessen my worries thinking of a healthy and appetizing recipes. Please keep posting. I'll let you know how my husband will like them.
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    Organized Cooking

    Hi there guys, I'm newly wed and I have to say I can be the worst cook you can ever meet. I wanted to impress my hubby with some stuff he has not tried yet. Dinner is the only tine we eat together so I would like it to be very special and I definitely need help from you, guys. Please recommend a...
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