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    Paying for a failed preperation.

    Thank you Panini for your advice, in the end I talked to the chef, and he said I won't be charged. In the end we just cooking more potatoes first thing the following morning and added them to the failed butch. He also promised me to talk to the kitchen manager about his threat. Thank you again...
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    Paying for a failed preperation.

    Thank you, you two for such a quick replay. When I get to work today, I will surly talk to the chef about my mistake and the ways to salvage it, hoping to eliminate such problems in the future. About the payment issue, I will wait to see what becomes of it, and go from there. Its good to know...
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    New user Introduction

    Hello fellow cheftalk's members. My name is Shachar and I am a 21 years old line cook from Israel. I have been in the industry for 1 year, and I am still looking forward to learning as much as I can in the following years. Addicted to the ruse of the service. Shachar ST
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    Paying for a failed preperation.

    Hello dear Cheftalk, I have been browsing this forum for a time now, and finally decided to open an account to ask a question. I am currently working as a line cook in a restaurant, today we were making mashed potatoes for the service. I usually cook the potatoes, and after they are done I...
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