After a successful and rewarding career in the food industry that spanned more than four decades, I decided to retire almost 3 years ago. I sold my restaurant to my executive chef (and her husband) who has worked for me since she was 17 years old. I cannot say enough about her skills as a chef, ability as a manager and compassion as a human being. In my retirement, my beautiful wife and I are finally able to travel the world and check off a few of those bucket list entries. I have learned more about food from traveling the world and experiencing local cuisine than I have in the 40 years I spent in this business. My only regret is that I was unable to do this sooner.

So, now, my job is making sure that my wife knows that after nearly 50 years of marriage, that I still find her to be the most beautiful creature in God's creation and coming up with new and fun ways to enjoy our time together.
The Midwest
Retired Owner/Operator
Interests (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.)
I love food, wine and music. Not necessarily in that order.
Retired Chef/Owner


In the immortal words of Socrates....."I drank what?" 
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