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    Books by Anna Del Conte

    What’s your xperience with Anna Del Conte‘s books? Recommendations? Thanks!
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    What's on your Book Shelf?

    Chicagoterry has provided a comprehensive and diverse list, with additions from other respondents. I have given away most of my cookbooks, keeping only the most useful or unusual, some of which have already been mentioned. I highly recommend the following for cuisines that have pretty much...
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    Looking for healthy cookbooks for home cook

    Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse Vegetables.
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    Your favorite Entrée?

    Not sure I have a favorite, but my preference is something original made from fresh ingredients. I’ve been experimenting with making “pesto” from various types of vegetables including radish tops, carrot tops, eggplant (e.g. baba ghanoush), peas. None of these are completely original, but as...
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