I've always loved food. It's a passion for me. No matter country, culture, or language, the food someone eats tells a lot about who they are, their experiences, and their history. Having cooked for family and friends for years, I am privileged to hold my first professional culinary position and, stress, blowouts, long-days and all- I hunger for the next day and experience and a chance to prove myself as someone who can take the heat and stay in the kitchen.
Aug 23, 1984 (Age: 36)
Reston, Virginia
Line Cook
Interests (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.)
I'm a writer and editor for a small religious publication within the Hellenic Polytheist community. I also am a tarot consultant part time, having studied this form of divination, as well as astrology, for 10 years. SCA, homebrewing, gardening.
Working as a simple line cook in Reston Virginia a
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