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    Desserts and garnish
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    Ideas on 'manly' decorations

    cute faces, animals, kawaii theme
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    Comment by 'selena' in media 'watermelon display for cornucopia_garnishfood blog'

    Oh, OK. That is so sweet. Frankly speaking I'm far from being Michelangelo
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    I used to make small chocolates with a cherry inside in a silicone mold. mmm cherry in chocolate is always delicious
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    Comment by 'selena' in media 'fruit carving watermelon cake imitation.JPG'

    Petals, Thanks you for the warm comments. I have enjoyed making the fruit displays, and this is a double pleasure to know that people like it
  10. fruit carving watermelon cake imitation.JPG

    fruit carving watermelon cake imitation.JPG

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    watermelon carving_fruit design garnishfood.JPG

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