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    What do you wear to an interview??

    I went into my most recent interview knowing that the position was between another guy and I. I wore a suit to the interview. They didn't even call the other guy back. First impressions make a world of difference. It's either a suit or a very nice chef coat as far as I'm concerned.
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    Hypothetical food safety and ethics question

    We were extremely busy for a Sunday today. The servers were in the weeds despite the fact that the kitchen was running smoothly. Usually an order is picked up within a minute of being put up. Today the servers ran long, in a few cases as long as 3 or 4 minutes. All of this may or may not be...
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    Weird Wounds

    Three things come to mind. First is the warning they put on every box of plastic wrap. "Warning! Serrated cutting edge, be careful!" And every time I read that I think "Who on earth would be dumb enough to cut themselves on a box of wrap?" I lost count of how many times I've cut myself on...
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    Battle Scars of the kitchen

    Your topic made me curious. I just counted to scars on my right arm from elbow to fingers. 17. I am right handed, so most of them are burn scars. The worst of which, and also is not really a scar and thus not counted, is obviously the knife callous on the base of the index finger. The...
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    The use of the title Chef

    Wow I started up a bit of fireworks with this one. Fitting for the holiday I suppose? I was coming off a rough day and didn't really think about what I was saying.... What I meant was "If I personally know something that you don't at this point in my career, you don't deserve to be called...
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    Tips- revisited

    Just when I think I've heard it all... Your friend should seek other employment immediately. This kind of behavior is abhorrent. If the owner is so confident in his ability to provide better service, stick him alone on a Saturday shift. Let him try to wait on every table alone. If your...
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    Can cooking salt burn?

    Salt is basically a rock. Barring any special equipment, it's near impossible to burn a rock. Pepper is another matter...
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    Newbie would love to know the staples to stock in pantry

    I was going to write a long detailed list, but phatch pretty much nailed it. The only things I would add at a quick glance are.... Truffle Oil - yeah I use it, really expensive, but a little goes a long way Gorgonzola Cheese - Love this stuff. Not too sure of shelf life, it's never been around...
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    Feeback Please - Customized Instruction for the Home Cook

    I never thought about private parties like this, and I haven't heard of any in my area. I just had a "eureka!" moment. Anyone have any suggestions for getting into teaching these sort of private cooking classes? I'm very good at explaining cooking function to absolute novices, and I really...
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    Menu for Tomorrow

    Worked of course. About 200 covers from 4-8. Then went out back to the parking lot and set off illegal fireworks. Nothing blows off steam like watching things blow up.
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    The use of the title Chef

    Even when I was the exec at my previous job, I never considered myself a chef. To me, a chef is the guy who always has the answer to everything and knows how to make anything and make it well. I still feel slightly uneasy when servers at my current job refer to me as a chef (I'm not the exec...
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    Line cook Job

    Ahh Pittsburgh. I'm born and raised here. It's on the lower end of restaurants, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. A few words of advice... waitresses and busboys standing around while you pick up dishes is something that shouldn't bother you. Basically, it boils down to the fact that...
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    First time sharpener, can a knife be too bad to practice?

    All, Thanks for all the comments. My global chef's has deteriorated to nigh unusable and I'm using a cheapish santuko as a backup. I've read Chad's article many times over and I understand it as much as I could from just reading. After reading through the replies, several things come to my...
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    Is it normal for line cooks to not get breaks?

    As an additional question, for those who are paid hourly, do you still get paid for your breaks? Even if I'm working a double, I'm required to clock out if I want to grab a quick bite to eat or run out for a quick smoke. It seems ridiculous as I definitely work harder and faster overall when I...
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    Potato of the day help

    At work we do exactly what you describe with mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes are always on the menu, but the flavor changes daily to whatever the chef feels like doing. There are a lot of the usual combinations, but every now and then he gets wacky. The most recent wacky one was reuben...
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