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    Best Ever Carrot Cake and Cream Cheese Icing

    oh it seems so does the taste of carrot cake? i haven't been taste this one.. maybe ill gonna try it..anyways thanks for the nice recipe! love it..
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    Need help making candies for V-Day :)

    oh you are kinda sweet and romantic huh.. hmm..sorry but i don't have also idea for better search it in google.. im sure you will find out on how will you make candies or chocolates for you gf.. well gud luck! ^_^:chef::beer:
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    joining the sweet side

    hey there that's a great tips. thanks for sharing here...:talk::bounce:
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    hey guys!

    hey I'm new here. Im glad to be part of this forum. i hope i could learn more things from here..^_^ cheers fharz
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    What's Your Favourite Restaurant?

    I like Restaurant Le Reve (San Antonio). It is the best restaurant for me.
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    Hello guys, I am really new here in the forum.. glad to be here and be part of this wonderful community.. looking forward to exchange new ideas with you:lol:
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