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    Best Bistro in NYC

    My vote goes for D'Artagnan. Balthazar, Pastis etc are where one goes to see and be seen. D'Artagnan stresses the food of southwestern France and you feel you are there.
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    Who do you think is the best chef?

    I go along wholeheartedly with those who have nominated Charlie Palmer, because he was the first to give authenticity and credibilty to 'Modern American Cuisine' and has maintained his extraordinarily high standards over so many years. In cities like New York and Chicago each of the truly great...
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    I truly fail to see how you can use a round bottomed wok on a ring on an electric stove. It just would not work. Get a genuine Chinese steel flat bottomed wok preferably 14" if you are getting only one. They are widely avaiable in NYC on the Bowery and I believe by mail order from the Broadway...
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    Arborio Rice

    If you find a rice called carnaroli or vialone snap it it up! Both are superior to the regular arborio. You may have one other option. The Japanese style medium grain rice grown in California - I think one brand name is Kokuho Rose, or something like that - is similar in size and starch content...
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    The Editor of Cook's Illustrated, Christopher Kimball

    Well I thought I knew all the food sites. Just downloaded six of Christopher Kimball's articles/recipes. Many thanks for the info.
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    Dim sum

    No problem freezing siu mai, wonton or any dim sum except for the rice noodle dough. One of the best dipping sauces is made with chopped ginger, Chinese black vinegar and mushroom soy but there are hundreds of different combinations. Just use your imagination.
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    Black Truffle Oil?

    I have two problems with most of the truffle oil now on the market: 1. 95 of it is totally artificial and has never seen a truffle. You have to read the label very carefully if that matters to you. 2. It loses its flavor very quickly even when refrigerated and it is counterproductive to try to...
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    Please tell a beginner how to chop/peel ginger!

    I used to keep the ginger in sherry or Chinese rice wine but it is now so readily available and the wine does affect the flavor. I break the root into pieces and wrap each one airtight in plastic wrap and store in the fridge. I use a lot of ginger and it usually keeps fresh for at least two...
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    MaryeO, preserved lemons...

    My favorite recipe for preserved lemons is in Ming Tsai's cookbook "Blue Ginger". I find the result identical to those I buy imported from France which are more versatile than the lemons heavily flavored with Moroccan spices which tend to add a vaguely chemical back flavor.
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    Food you haven't tried?

    Well I must say I have tried virtually everything. So a few comments. Poulane bread is way overrated. It is available in NYC but we get bread as good and better from local bakeries. Nothing is easier to cook than foie gras either as a terrine or sauté. If you buy a whole one, cut it into 1/2"...
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    green bean seasonings

    Canned beans??!! Yuk. I thought they had gone out with the dinosaurs. With the real thing salt water blanching followed by shocking is the only way to go.The blanching should be done in a very large pot so that the water does not stop boiling when you add the beans. After that they can be...
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    Lime Leaves

    Definitely kaffir lime. Jean-Georges Vongerichten uses them exensively. They give a wonderful flavor to curries and braised dishes. The fresh leaves are available from Thai and Indonesian markets and freeze beautifully. They are worth buying in quantity when you find them.
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    Returning food to the kitchen

    I had dinner recently at one of New York's finest restaurants where the chef -whom I have met on several occasions - is know for his innovative creations. The chef hinmself was not in that night and we were served a beautifully prepared rabbit loin with a sauce that was totally tasteless. I did...
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    The Soul of a Chef

    Ruhlman has become one of my favorite and most inspirational food writers. I have read both his books more than once and a number of articles he has written. The latest is in Gourmet magazine - a biographical essay about Rocco DiSpirito who is generally considered New York's most creative young...
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    just for fun

    The Chef at El Bulli is Feran Adria. I had an incredible lunch there at the end of May. An awe inspiring experience where every one of the 20 odd dishes we were served for the tasting menu was a totally original creation.He himself is charming and unassuming. No chef or cook could fail to profit...
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