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    Santoku and Petty combination advice desparately needed!!!!

    hey there. i'm in the UK. and looking to sell some Masamoto VG's if you fancy those. i've got a 180mm Santoku and a 120mm petty. PM me if you're interested.
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    Looking for some Japanese steel

    stone wise everyone seems to like the bester 1200. personally i have a Mizuyama #1000; it was what was available to me locally in the uk at the time i needed to buy - youre lucky that you have a few retailers in the US that are really into this stuff so you have a lot more options. definitely...
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    Looking for some Japanese steel

    how much do you want to spend bro? and what kind of stuff do you normally cook?
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    Need help on buying starter knife kits

    there are a few brands that offer good bang for buck on Japanese style knives that could work for your budget far as i can see there are 3 things you need to work out: 1) Steel - do you go carbon or stainless? stainless will probably be cheaper, and will be easier to maintain. but lots of...
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    GIF Tutorial: Essential Knife Skills with a Mission Chinese Cook

    thats pretty cool! the way he did the horizontal slices in the garlic was a bit terrifying though... and shame it didnt mention specifically to discard the root end of the onion cause that the bit that makes you cry.
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    Yet another "help choosing starter knife" question

    RE (1) i personally think the only 3 knives you'd need would be:  * a 210mm western handle gyuto (240mm for wa-handle)  * a 240mm suji  * a 150mm petty those 3 knives are all i really use at home. personally i like the Masamoto VG series. they have POM handles which i find comfortable, and...
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    New Chopping Board

    oh, also...  i picked up some of these sticky cork things from ebay on the cheap which i was thinking to stick on the bottom side to keep the bottom of the board nice and dry... what do you think? good idea or bad idea?
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  9. New Chopping Board

    New Chopping Board

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    New Chopping Board

    hi chaps. and chapettes! i just received a new chopping board. i've been wanting to get a new one for a while. my previous one was a cheap and cheerful Olive and Thyme one i got from TK Maxx... :) i was originally thinking i would get a new board from but it seems that he...
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    Need advice finding my first Yanagi knife

    @jbroida - i found the perfect video on your channel! thanks so much for making this!
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    Need advice finding my first Yanagi knife

    @benuser i already have a suji. i'm looking to do nigiri & sashimi cuts, so i think i need the weight of a yanagiba @bdl i dont think i can realistically learn to be a sushi chef. theres way more to learn than would be possible in my spare time. and honestly i'm not super keen on learning to...
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