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    tattoos in the kitchen

    Hmmm maybe because its on you for the rest of your life? When I am out of my whites people ask me about my tattoos and I am proud to tell them the meanings behind them and what I do for a living. I respect people who put the time and effort into creating a design that means something to them...
  12. roux58

    tattoos in the kitchen

    Comparing cooks with tattoos to a infamous murderer is going to far. I love my tattoos and so does the chef where I work. He believes it shows how dedicated I am to my trade and if I have "issues" because I am a passionate, creative individual then I hope in a few years the industry will be...
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    I have 4 tattoos: 1) A chef knife down the back of my left forearm 2) A saying from my family crest down the back of my left arm 3) The Tree Of Life on my right forearm with the saying "Teaghlach" underneath 4) A half sleeve of a cornucopia starting just above my right elbow and ending on my...
  14. roux58

    Culinary name for kitten

    I've got a little kitty named Roux :lips: (the screen name came before the cat).
  15. roux58

    halloween food ideas

    We did some pumpkin foam and sambuca shooters. I'm sure you could attempt a sauce using pumpkin puree. Pumpkin beurre nantais?
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