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    clarified butter

    To me it's not so much the health risk (or lack thereof) in using margarine, it's a matter of taste. Butter tastes better to me, and that's what I prefer to use. Additionally, I derive more pleasure from cooking with products that are "natural" than products which are not. That's an entirely...
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    New Orleans

    Hello Shugga! Hopefully you're aware that you'll be coming to town just before Mardi Gras, right? The two or so weeks ahead of Fat Tuesday can be pretty crowded down here, and traffic will be a mess at night, particularly on the weekends. Fat Tuesday this year is March 4th. The party kicks...
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    saving cilantro

    I've had luck using that method with both cilantro and parsley Suzanne. I do poke some holes in the plastic bag, and I wrap the bag around the container (I use a drinking glass) with a rubber band. Honestly I don't remember why or when I started poking the holes, I wonder if that's doing...
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    Markets in Reno, NV?

    Thanks. I did some further research, and it looks like there's also a Wild Oats in Reno. I'll be cooking for 15, including at least one vegetarian, so I'm glad there's someplace I can find good produce and good meat. What's Trader Joe's like? Will I find a website with help from google...
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    Whats your pickle?Or Lahana Tourisa apo to nymphaio

    I've been doing quick cucumber pickles lately, and it's been hit or miss. More often, I miss, actually, by using too much acid. The other night though, I used lemon juice instead of vinegar, cut it with a bit of water, and used more sugar than usual; it worked out pretty well. Do you...
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    Markets in Reno, NV?

    I wasn't sure where to ask this question, so I just posted it here. I'm planning a trip to Reno, Nevada in mid October, and while there I'm planning on cooking a meal for around 12 to 15 people (I think). I'm wondering whether there's a farmer's market in Reno, or somplace else where I can...
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    Food Network: Rachael Ray

    For a while in college, the only knife I used was a Chinese-style cleaver. I could pretty much do everything I needed to with that knife, and it was comfortable. These days, I've got a few more knives, but the one I use most frequently is a 10" French chef's knife. It's all about comfort...
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    Thanks folks, good to be here. And thanks for the comments on the website, Isa. Apologies for not linking in the thread: is the link. Still not completely ready for prime time, but...
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    size of stockpot

    I've gotten good use out of my Piazza stock pots. I've got two, because my wife initially bought me the 18 quart size. Later I got the 12 (11.4 I think) for more regular use. Here's a link to Williams Sonoma with a photo:
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    I stumbled onto this website, and these forums this afternoon while google searching for a simple recipe for buerre blanc. I'm glad I did, it looks like you folks have a nice community going. I'm 33, married with a toddler, living, practicing law, and cooking in New Orleans. Sometime in March...
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