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    Do you own a commercial kitchen?

    Hey all, I am the owner of Mobile Cuisine, a website designed to be a trade magazine for the mobile food industry. We are currently in the process of creating a directory of food service suppliers for food truck owners.  I'd like to invite you to post a free company listing at our food truck...
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    Any late bloomers out there?

    While I didn't "quit" my career in architecture (thank you recession) I have been able to start a one year culinary arts program at the AI here in Chicago at the age of 44. Very eye opening. Coming from a professional background and then jumping back into a school where I am usually the oldest...
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    Hey everyone...been a long time

    So I registered here many moons ago, and just found an old link, so I thought I would pop back in and see how things are going. Since the last time I visited, life has really changed. Still covering the mobile food industry on my website (that hasn't changed) but since 2011, I have...
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    Food truck

    Cynthia, If you are interested in joining the mobile food industry, check out Mobile Cuisine Magazine at
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