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    Just some food and desserts I cooked.
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    Saffron recipe?

    well i was looking for a main dish as I did not know that saffron could be used in baking. But would be so kind as to tell me a few tips and tricks for both baking and cooking? Thanks
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    Saffron recipe?

    I would like to ask for a recipie that has a great taste using the saffron I have in my spice/seasoning drawer. I have faint ideas of how to utilize it but suggestons and tips would be nice to guide me. Thanks in advance
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    So thanksgiving is quickly approaching us, so the question of the day is how do you mix the holiday up? What exotic twist do you guys apply to the traditional "thanksgiving" dishes? I grew up with parents that always made a plain dinner so recently I just started making home made gravy, from...
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    Cheesecake with NO CRACKS

    Avwater bath is the most effective way to prevent the cracks. Just put your pan(s) in another pan thats filled with water and bake as normal. I also have heard of the resting period but personally never used it myself. good luck in the future. :chef:
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    Well thanks for the advice but the only problem is that I cannot get my hands on any liquor as I am only 19 I do how ever like your other ideas. I will most definitly experiment with balancing flavors and such.
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    Rosemary chicken?

    I consider myself an ok cook but this has me stumped! My mother is asking me to make a stovetop rosemary chicken for dinner. does anyone have any tips,tricks or even any recipies or an ingredient list I could use to produce a simple yet flavorfull dish? Any and all help is appreciated...
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    I am known by friends and family to make great cheesecakes. Up untill now I have only ever made a plain cheesecake. I usually top mine with my home made tripple berry sauce but while thinking of a twist for making it I recently thought of adding orange zest to it. The question I am going to ask...
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    French pastries project

    This may be a basic answer but from what I learned a few in my classical french pastry class, and they are as follows. pate a choux, Napoleon, eclairs, fruit tarts, and Palmiers. sorry I could not list more but thats all I learned in my short class session. Hope it helps.
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    Deli Cheesecake

    If you are looking for a new twist on your cheesecake you could go for a simple tripple berry sauce I usually make that is really simple. Strawberries Raspberries Sugar Cornstarch Water Cranberry Juice Orange Liquor(optional) Raspberry liquor(optional) What I do is get a hand full of...
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    Making Gumbo - Roux and what am I doing wrong?

    I'll be glad to help. Well personally I was taught in my high school culinary class to use butter when making roux and have stuck with it since I learned it it is also important to use a wooden spoon while cooking your roux (metal will impart a slight metallic taste and contribute to off color)...
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    Crab Spread

    I would have to say to make a good crab/lobster spread you should finely mince the crab and lobster chunks and add some cheddar cheese to it as well as Dill, Salt, and pepper. Add some paprika for spice. Then cook it at a low temp to melt the cheese and stir to combine all the ingredients. To...
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