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    How do you boil potatoes?

    I must be some kind of nerd, this has really been an interesting discussion.  At home next time I think I'll try; cubed peeled potatoes in the pressure cooker, shock, couple minutes in microwave until hot, rice or mill, gently stir in hot cream and cold butter, cultured dairy optional.  Salt...
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    How do you boil potatoes?

    thats what I'm saying, even with the little boiled cubes, they still soak up all the cream and butter I want to add.  But I guess you can never add too much butter.  So how fast could you peel 20 lbs of boiled potatoes?  
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    How do you boil potatoes?

    I use a food mill, was thinking thats the same thing as a ricer.    The food mill gives the texture I want, I put a lot of cream and butter and creme fraiche in there.   I do have a convection steamer to work with, I'll give whole unpeeled a try one of  these days.  
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    How do you boil potatoes?

    Peel, chop, boil, drain into ricer.  Salt in boiling water, season again with salt and pepper as they sit in the ricer, toss butter onto the pre-riced potatoes, crank the handle, stir cream into mashed potato, check seasoning.   Thats how I do it. 
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    I thought I was ready to be a Sous Chef, now I am not so sure?!

    Would you still be happy in a less reputable place?  Where do you want to be in 10 or 15 years?  
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    Reheating Hollandaise Sause

    I dont know what the redseal is. How much lemon juice or vinegar do you need to use per yolk to get the ph to a safe level?    It was once common to reuse the butter for a couple days.  Break the sauce the next day and use the butter in the fresh batch.  Its important to use enough acid, and to...
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    The Aroma of Coffee

    For me it was Grandma's house, she would have the coffee percolating first thing in the morning, not many aroma's bring back memories as clear as that one.  I do think its not a great way to brew but my first post was meant to be more humor than as cynical as it sounded. 
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    The Aroma of Coffee

    Yes the memories waking up to that aroma, but it must be really bad coffee to start with if the percolator doesnt make it taste pretty bad.  . 
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    Canola vs Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Me too.  Like ChefEd, I remember when practically overnight, everyone decided you should saute with olive oil.  Heard the other day about how heating olive to the smoking point did something that makes the oil unhealthy, wasnt paying too much attention though.  
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    Help with Traveling Food Please!

    Its a little tricky with the dry ice. I like to freeze a big water containers like KY said, and also the boiler bag items, use enough dry ice to keep those frozen longer.  Get a little creative to create a space in the cooler that doesnt freeze, but stays cold enough.  You need a good cooler and...
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    help with a recipe.. Seafood pasta

    That would make sense, or just cook the them quickly, one minute per side shrimp and just a quick sear on the scallops, then set aside and continue with the recipe in that pan.  When ready so serve add them back for a minute or two to bring the temp up.    If you follow the recipe I would add...
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    knife abuse

    I knew a guy that would hold three knives in one hand and beat the board pretty hard to chop parsley, that had to be tough on his knives.  Never had the sani boards at home, at work they always warped in the dishwasher, you had to get them out when hot and set them on a counter.  I'm talking...
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    mother sauces

    Good idea.  The people posting on yelp seem to have more culinary intelligence than any of the food critics these days, at least around here.  I cant even remember the last time I read a critical review.   
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    Bittman's Food for the Future Manifesto

    There are no-till farmers that utilize sustainable methods, no thanks to any government program though. I think it has its roots in the oil crisis of the 70's.  Oil became so expensive that some farmers looked for better ways using less fuel and chemicals, more efficient  methods, smart...
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    Your 2 Favorite sauces for...

    Who slaughters the cow, is it legal for the farmer to do it since the meat is yours, not for retail. Mind if I ask what the costs are?  
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