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    Need new shoes

    I second Birkenstock Londons. At first the "forced" foot bed kills you, but eventually it adjusts to your footprint. My personal favourite is Birkenstock Bostons, but they don't have a heel cap.
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    Meat off cuts

    I use larger trimmings, silver skin and all, of all my wild boar, deer and venison for a game bolognese. All the fiddly bits such as silver skin without any meat on go into the game stock/demi.
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    What would be the right type of knife cutting very hard vegetables?

    I use my 21 cm F.Dick chef's knife for everything from chopping the hardest squash to dicing jelly. Despite its somewhat unfortunate name, it's one of the few near-perfect knives I've ever worked with. Smaller hands tend to fare better with shorter chef's knives to achieve a better balance, but...
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    Farm raised vs Big Distributor

    My restaurant uses 99% local products - the last 1% is sea salt and lemons. I cooperate directly with producers and have a close relationship with a small vegetable farmer who plants everything from potatoes and onions to zucchini and lettuce, as well as a butcher willing to provide somewhat...
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    Using others' recipes in restaurant

    I agree with what has been said. It's perfectly fine to use other people's recipes, perhaps with the one exception of passing off someone's highly recognisable signature dish as one's own. In conventional cooking there really isn't anything new - we're only combining existing ingredients and...
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    Commercial or domestic blender for small restaurant kitchen?

    Thanks, 21TonyK. I'll look into this. If I decide to buy locally, mainly for warranty reasons, it will be a toss-up between Hamilton Beach and Blendtec.
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    Commercial or domestic blender for small restaurant kitchen?

    In the US, yes. Not in Germany, unfortunately.
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    Commercial or domestic blender for small restaurant kitchen?

    ...and it is the smooth blending that I'm after! I do have a commercial stick blender which I currently use for soups; it's ok, but it doesn't nuke green fibres like wild garlic or spinach properly. My tiny Hamilton Beach 7-speed domestic blender is a complete PITA for anything other than...
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    Commercial or domestic blender for small restaurant kitchen?

    Thanks, 21TonyK! The only Vita-Prep 3 I can get here in Germany is vastly overpriced, and importing one from the States is prohibitive due to warranty issues. What I can get a bearable price on is a Hamilton Beach HBF600, yet there is practically no info available on the Net, so if anyone has...
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    Commercial or domestic blender for small restaurant kitchen?

    Thanks a lot for all your replies so far! I have thought about a Thermomix, but isn't this a domestic jack-of-all-trades kind of deal, as opposed to a professional commercial tool for top-notch blending?
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    Commercial or domestic blender for small restaurant kitchen?

    Hi folks, I'm in the market for a proper table-top blender as my commercial stick blender is ok for some things, but doesn't cut it for many others, i.e. really smooth textures etc. I run a pretty small restaurant with a small, ever-changing menu, and the blender wouldn't be in constant use; I...
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    Professional Chefs - How does your job affect people?

    You can contribute to making the world a better place by sourcing your products from sustainable rather than industrial agriculture. It's a lot more work than ordering from your local cash & carry, but it's rewarding.
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    Any chefs and/or owners in Israel or West Bank?

    Hi everybody, I'll be spending a couple of weeks in June in Israel and the West Bank for some time off with my girlfriend, but as one does, one cannot let it lie. I'd love to learn more about Israeli/Palestinian cooking, maybe say hi to a couple of chefs and see how they work and what they work...
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    I was burned out by the workload of being self-employed less than two years after starting up my tiny country restaurant (which sounds oh so romantic, but I learned the hard way that it ain't!) in 2011. With a little help from my doc I pulled myself out of my misery by totally restructuring my...
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    Authentic German food ideas

    Hi Steven, your recipe sounds just about right. In my region, many home cooks also add a citric component, usually orange juice or peel. I know an old lady who cooks the red cabbage in glühwein (mulled red wine), as it pretty much contains everything you need, i.e. spices such as clove and star...
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