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    The pastry chef and the pantry....

    Typical, pastry always gets screwed. I cant imagine doing the desserts for a whole week in only one day. Here we do @ 250+ covers a night every night, 365 days a year. Everyone gets desserts, its included in the price. Im doing 50+ hours a week just to keep up. The menu has 7 line items along...
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    Massive salty crumpets and ideas.

    Coarse salt has less weight per volume than table salt. try cutting the measured amount of salt in half.
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    Chefs Rides

    A car should never be a trailer queen!!! it is meant to be driven. If I wanted to spend the money for something to just look at I would have bought a painting. Funny, I know a chef who spent over 1500 dollars on a Japanese knife set only to not use them in case he got them worn or messed up...
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    Chefs Rides

    OldSchool, the rims were shot and unsafe, I wouldn't give them to you even for free. The lug holes were all stretched out and the wheels would wobble on the car even with the lugs nice and tight. :-( I like all of you here on this forum and wouldn't want to kill anyone. PS another trophy this...
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    Chefs Rides

    A newer shot, I just got new rims the old ones were shot. 18 inch billet wheels. I just don't see any Pontiacs these days. 1st place trophy at the latest show. A shot from when I brought her into work before the old rims were about to fall off.
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    Got me some runner ducks this week....

    love it!!
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    Chefs Rides

    heres mine a 72 gt-455 lemans,  enjoy.
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    The Psychology of $30

    As longs as the customer perceives getting value for their money, I don't see it as a problem.
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    Most ridiculous complaint that you've heard recently?

    Im allergic to chocolate ice cream, can I get vanilla instead with chocolate sauce on top?
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    Cutco... scam or real deal?

    their sportsman fishing knife is excellent and I love it, I melted the sheath by the campfire (oops) and called to ask about getting a new one, they sent me a new one free of charge, got it in two days.
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    Sweet dreams?

    Some people throw multiple puns in a single post. I prefer to finely craft singles
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    Would an electric Sharpener Ruin The knife?

    Benuser hit the nail right on the head, its all the geometry, higher end electric sharpeners work just fine for my chroma knives.
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    What To Call Myself

    Ok what about "gourmand" this discussion is getting ridiculous. lol
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    What hobbies do any of you have??

    Especially when done on the line during service lol
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    apalling revelation: lobsters + crabs killed while still alive

    Now the male becomes dinner after the divorce!!!
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