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    Where can i find this piping tip/nozzle?

    To me that looks like a larger version of the Piping Paradise 136. I can't think of a similar one that's the size you want, though if you just want something for home use I'd honestly just use a spritz press with a wreath plate, ideally one where you can control the pressing mechanism instead of...
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    Omelet production: Cheap pans o' plenty or sparing high quality cookwear?

    Carbon steel all day. Take a slow Tuesday and get everyone in on seasoning them. It takes about 15 rounds to get a good solid season, so they'll all have practice. After that, they'll stand up to all sorts of abuse and neglect and are easy to bring back to life (the pans, I don't know about your...
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    Secrets of baked alaskas

    The November/December 2015 issue of Cook's Illustrated has a fantastic and in-depth 3 page article on the perfect Baked Alaska, including plenty of trouble shooting. I haven't tested it myself, but ATK is famous for its meticulous recipe development, so that might not be a bad place to start.
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    Diet Dilemma

    I know your diet says little to no salt, but I'm going to suggest brining your chicken after it's thawed. An hour's soak in a brine with 1/2 cup of salt to a gallon of water isn't really going to add a significant amount of salt to your intake but it will dramatically increase the moisture...
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    From scrach or out of the box

    Oh @Pete, that made me laugh out loud. My grandmother's baked goods were what first inspired me to go into pastry. She was a difficult person but was forthcoming with all her recipes except for her orange cake. She'd never even give me a hint. So there I am spending absolutely scandalous...
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    I love this quote about Julia Child

    This conversation reminds me of a series of videos Buzzfeed or similar did where first generation middle class Mexican-American or Chinese-American kids in their early 20's taste tested things like Taco Bell or Panda Express with their parents and in some cases grandparents, most of whom...
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    Chocolate Pound Cake (question just for fun)

    Right? Baking: It's Math that Makes You Fat
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    Weighing ingredients

    I could allllmost get there with the idea of not weighing for breads and maybe even some cookies. I still weigh but I also know at this point you can ask me to take a 45g ball of dough for a bun or a 20g bit of cookie dough and I can eyeball it and either be right on the money or within a gram...
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    Are you buying seafood caught by slaves?

    I like to think we all do the best we can, but in many, maybe even most, cases essentials like produce involves some uncomfortable realities that aren't likely to change soon. I live on the Pacific coast of Mexico, surrounded by organic farms that provide fresh produce for high-end markets like...
  10. Are you buying seafood caught by slaves?

    Are you buying seafood caught by slaves?

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    What did you have for dinner?

    Leftover Moroccan couscous with seven vegetables. That's not too exciting since we do tagines or couscous all the time, but I tried something I read in Jacques Pépin and added a sort of North African version of gremolata to the couscous and I was pretty pleased on how it turned out. Not...
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    Old world cooking or using technology what do you prefer?

    That's another great point: the knowledge. Several months ago a retired gentleman who'd never baked before bought himself a KitchenAid and wanted me to teach him how to make yeast breads. It took him a while to get on board with the idea that while he could absolutely use a stand mixer if he...
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    Does the quality of the cookware make you a better cook?

    That's a great and simple question with a complicated answer. My short answer is a good pan might help, but a bad pan will definitely hurt. When it comes to cooking you've got three main variables: equipment, skills, and ingredients. If you want to make good food, you need at least one to be...
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    From scrach or out of the box

    The only pre-made ingredient I tend to use in my kitchen is apricot jam or other preserves from fruits not locally available. I would also use premade puff pastry and phyllo if I had access, but as I don't live in a country where that's easily available, it's not an option. Living in Baja (the...
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