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    Wide leafed sorrel

    I've seen dozens of recipes with sorrel so have grown some. When I taste it "raw" I don't like it, almost acidic as opposed to the nice citrus I was expecting. Does this change dramatically on cooking or do I need to just use the smaller leaves, moderate the amount or only eat at certain...
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    Where to buy liquid nitrogen?

    I want to make ice cream with liquid nitrogen. Does anyone know where I can buy in the New York area for a small supply for cooking purposes ? I know I would need a special container too. Don't particularly want to trawl around welding and medical supplies stores but wondered if anyone, chef...
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    Winning canapes please

    Hi everyone, Got 90 people coming to my sons 21st in 2 weeks and need to do canapes. Have got the use of one hostess trolley only so can only keep some things warm but not cook them. What great canapes have you made for LARGE amounts of people ? I've got the following I will do but any other...
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    Hanging pheasants.

    I was lucky enough to be given 2 whole pheasants on Wednesday that were shot on Tuesday. I've hung them in my shed but want to know how long isbest as obviously the "gameyness" will develop the longer they are in there. The internet says anything from 2 days to 10 but has anyone got more...
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    Recipe for a large group

    Hi all, Have around 30 people on Sunday for a buffet. What "one pot" recipes do you have that are a winner ? It's pretty cold in the UK right now something warming would be good. :lips:
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    Green Tomatoes - help

    Hi all, I'm going on holiday and have two dinners to make and a great big bowl of green cherry and plum tomatoes so need some help wih recipes. I saw Floyd on tv the other night using them as a substiute for baby aubergines in a thai curry but wondered if anyone else had ideas. Don't want...
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    Risotto help....1st time...what am I in for?

    By the way Jamie Oliver and Raymond Blanc recommend salt in as you put the rice in, as RB says "It becomes part of it and not just on the outside"
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    Need help with chocolate sauce recipe

    Thanks Tessa - sounds good and gives it that bit extra I was looking for. NB - It's Commis pears poached in water, cinnamon, vanilla pod, lemon zest, juice and sugar Juice is then reduced till quite thick'ish so your chocolate sauce will look pretty with it. :bounce:
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    Need help with chocolate sauce recipe

    Hi all, This week i'm having 14 "senior" ladies over for lunch. Starter and main are covered but I wanted to do something elegant and lady like for dessert so will be doing a poached pear each. Dessert's arent my forte though and I need a real winning chocolate sauce recipe to go with the...
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    Your true colours

    What, would YOU say is the most truly amazing single ingredient in the world ?
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    Reallllly interesting quesstion

    Personally, I would serve garlic, chilli, butter, prawns, coriander with crusty bread with cold white wine & then prime rib of beef steak medium rare with duck fat chips (American's call them fries) and salad and onion rings and mayo and beer and then chorcolate tort and tell them to stop being...
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    Desert Island Dinner

    If you were stranded on a desert island for the next 50 years but could have one perfectly cooked dinner once a week (and with any ingredients) what would it be ? Bear in mind you have to eat it every week for 50 years and it is always the same.
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    Need help with seafood restaurant

    See the thread re peri peri sauce a few days ago. A great fiery sauce that goes great with the sweetness of prawns (you Americans cal them shrimps) and it can store for upto a month. I would say it would work well withy good fresh white fish too, monkfish, cod etc Best of luck
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    Peri peri recipe

    Thanks Ishbel - tried it by the book and it was really good. I actually used prawns instead of livers and they worked really well. I used 9 chillies but the recipe says you can go upto 12. The Portuguese said it could take a bit more and I personally would have to agree although it still had a...
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