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    Help on choosing a new 240mm Gyuto (CARBON)!

    Lion dance from Chinese New Year in Honolulu Chinatown. I posted some food porn pics from the event on this site. A great time!
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    Help on choosing a new 240mm Gyuto (CARBON)!

    And the Ultimatum Carbon is out of stock again.  Wow, that was quick!
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    where to buy japanese knives in honolulu

    If you are interested in Cleavers, you can try some of the house ware and kitchen goods stores on Mauna Kea street in China Town.  They have a more extensive selection of Chinese cleavers than you can generally find on line.  There is a shop just mauka of the Chinese bakery on the Waikiki side...
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    Are honing rods worth the money?

    If you don't want to get the three stone set and the Idahone now, get the Bester 1200 and the Suehiro Rika 5000 and the Idahone.  On a new knife, you won't be using the 500 to do any reprofiling for quite some time.  Personally, I'd get the set and the Idahone (all of which I do have).  Metal...
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    Good Instant read thermometer.

    Best, IMHO, is the Thermapen which takes 3 second readings and I believe is the fastest available.  Although they have been running a sale, it is still outside of your price range (@$79 plus shipping).  I like mine a lot. Second choice would be one of Thermoworks other units which takes 5-6...
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    What did you have for dinner?

    Yup, Poha.  I used to grow them myself, until I discovered that a few vendors sold them in the farmer's market, briefly, in the fall.  So I buy a whole bunch when I can find them and make  jam.  You might check local farmer's markets.  People tell me, "Oh, my grandmother used to have those in...
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    Autumn - what's for dinner?

    We finally had a hard freeze last night, so the garden is toast.  Squashes and root vegetables are now abundant. Had a golden kabocha squash the other night.  I tend to use the slow cooker a bit more in the fall and winter.  Curry beef stew, chile, navarin, etc.  I bake and roast more as well. ...
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    What did you have for dinner?

    Well the pictures have really picked up this thread.  I'll have to get the camera out next time. Simple food tonight.  Made a red sauce with hot Italian sausage and chipotle peppers this morning.  Made lasagna this afternoon with the sauce and some fresh ricotta I made yesterday.  Green salad...
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    Bevels in different JP knives

    One of the interesting things about the US, as opposed to some other countries, is that if you work at it, you can pretty much do and become what you want.  I'm an accidental attorney and my wife is an accidental physician.  Not what we started out to do.  We both have graduate degrees in other...
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    Bevels in different JP knives

    No, my daughter is doing theatre and pre med.  Her side job, as she puts it, is scullery maid at our local wine bar and coffee shop.  She does prep for the cooks and does deserts.  I figure it will stand her in good stead if she needs to support herself while trying out for theatre parts. ...
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    sugar pie?, honey pie?, shoo fly pie? do you pie?

    We make all the midwestern desert standards: apple, cherry, pumpkin, pecan, and rhubarb.  Also make lilikoi (passion fruit), haupia/chocolate, and coconut from time to time.  Later this summer I will be up in Canada and have access to huckleberries, blackberries and raspberries in volume, so we...
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    Bevels in different JP knives

    The Mac Chef line and the Tojiro DP line are on the order of entry level J Knives.  No bolster in the case of the Mac, rudimentary fit and finish.  The Tojiro handle is a bit blocky - that puts some people off (I personally don't care).  The Tojiro is also of san mai clad construction with...
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    Bevels in different JP knives

    For French knives, your effective choices are Sabatier and Sabatier.  That is Thiers Issard Sabatier (sold at in the US) and K-Sabatier (  IMHO, the best of these are the carbon steel knives. The Thiers Issard Nogent line is neat and historical.  I...
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    "Budget" Knives to complement current equipment

    And the Artifex 240mm is now available at CKtG.  A much more useful size than the 210mm.  Ordered one yesterday, so I hope to get it before the 4th.  Given its price point, it will be interesting to see how it compares with my other J knives (ranging from MAC Chef series, Tojiro DP and ITK, Mac...
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    Rights to recipes

    Continuing in the "Not Legal Advice" vein, the Pfizer example, probably isn't the best here.  Unless Pfizer has a clause in their contract (employment or independent contractor) that specifies that all IP developed on the job or with their resources belongs to them (they most assuredly do), it...
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