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    Sous vide machine help!?!?!

    Anova or mispo sous vide cooker??.. I know there both under $100.00.. so not expecting the world.. it's for limited use.. any input is welcome
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    Espresso flavored cake?

    How much espresso powder? I know it varies by taste, but would be a good starting point
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    Espresso flavored cake?

    Wanting to make a espresso flavored cake(batter) , I'm looking for some recipes, helpful Insight..
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    Honing steel

    Looking for a new honing steel... Any suggestions?
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    Ballarini Cookware.

    Does anyone have any experience with ballarini Cookware. Interested in buying some.. Looking for input. Thanks
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    Weston ravioli maker

    I jave a weston pasta maker. Im wanting to buy the ravioli maker attachment. The reviews i read om amazon were not all for the ravioli maker,but mixef up woth other attachment reviews.. has anyone used this brand? Does it work well?. Any info is appreciated..
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    Good Knife Websites?

    Cutlery and more .con
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    ja henkels santuko blade degree??...

    I have a henckels twin signature series santuko. I read on 2 two different sites one saying it was 15 degree and another saying it was 10 degrees. Does anyone know the real angle? A link to such information
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    Need help with knives

    Henckels twin signature series. They have 7,11,19 piece set.. Nice knives, not to expensive. Check out cutlery and more .com
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    pressure cooking roulade

    I guess my question is can I wrap something in cling wrap or use. A vacuum sealed back with marinade.. Chicken roulade was just a example
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    pressure cooking roulade

    Can I still wrap my chicken roulade in cling wrap and use it in a pressure cooker? New to using a pressure cooker. What about a cooking it in a vacuumed sealed bag in the pressure cooker?
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    wusthof or henckels

    Brianshaw, thank you for your time. I originally moved from Chicago to TN,. I work at a state park facility, which has a large hotel and restaurant,cabins,campground,marina. The restaurant fazed out the buffet,added a new menu and it's gotten alot busier,the cheap knives I had just aren't doint...
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    wusthof or henckels

    Gs, thank you for the breakdown and information. I know $300 isn't alot to work with,but your suggestions a very helpful. I will be looking into that gear right away.
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    wusthof or henckels

    Galley swiller, I live in west Tennessee, u.s.a. Largest knife I have is a 8" chef knife, bamboo cutting board. Have a budget of $400.00 to start with. Prepare mainly meats,fish and vegetables. Roughly cooking for 15 people at one time.. What do you think of the wusthof classic series?..
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    wusthof or henckels

    Thank u rick, I appreciate your honesty and opinions. I know those are the lower price range of the two brands. Just trying to find the best of the two.
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