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Mar 6, 1942 (Age: 77)
Porterville, CA
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77, from Porterville, CA

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    1. rbrad
      rbrad were always a gentleman on this forum and I'm sure you have had a positive influence on many people during your life.The main thing I was impressed with was when someone thought they might be too old to start cooking professionally and you listed your accomplishments throughout the seem to have succeeded at everything you have set your mind to.You will be missed.
    2. flipflopgirl
      Did not know Pete long but during that short amt of time came to respect him as a Chef and trust his opinions on a wide variety of issues (not all of which were food related).
      Farewell Chef Pete Mc Cracken...... I will miss your keen wit as well as your sharp math skills.
      For your family I offer my condolences as well as strength for these next days and weeks and years.
    3. kaneohegirlinaz
      It's hardest on those left here on Earth, but we must go on, though they will be with us, always.
      A hui hou, until we meet again, Aloha oe kupuna Pete McC, farewell elder
    4. nicko
      Farewell Pete we will miss you dearly. Thank you for how much time you invested into ChefTalk and making this one of the best communities around.
    5. johnloper2011
      Thank you very much, I appreciate your help, and your bluntness when referring to culinary school. It's good to hear a different voice. Thanks again.
    6. missdaisey
      For pulled sugar. How much sugar in cups do I need and how much water and corn syrup. I need cups and tbsp. or tsp.
    7. missdaisey
      HI, How much sugar does 100mm mean and 50mm water and the rest corn syrup. I don't know what mm's meam.
    8. alicat
      Thanks for your message. That's certainly helpful, & makes me feel better about the potential to ask for more. He works from home, as an investor, so as far as I can tell, he can give me a 1099. That's a deal breaker!. I enjoy the work, but I have not been looking at this as a "career", but with that sort of cash potential, maybe I will! I actually had no idea people charged that, but when I compare that to what I pay my servers, sometimes I think I should have just been a professional server. People don't realize the stress we are under, and the planing that goes into making it seamless. I'm sure you can understand after all these years being in the biz. Anyway, glad I found this site. it's been most helpful! Cheers,
    9. (private user)
      (private user)
      Thanks, Pete,
      Quick and good info at "old fashion corn". I won't feel like I don't know what Im talking about.
      Cheers Taj
    10. peixeescorpiao
    11. feristaino
      Hey Pete....I need a little advice if you could lend it.
      Currently I am a server at a rest. that has been around since the 50's. Alot of patrons and busy most of the time. I've read that just working in this environment is good experience if you are looking to open your own place which I am.....a cafe but choosing to start with a food trailer.

      I am Italian/Sicilian and have been cooking my family recipes for years and I love it. My family and friends love it as well and i love cooking for people. I'm not sure how to start though and what kind of finances I need to have for this. Am I on the right track? or is this a bum idea and just keep it as a friends and family thing??
    12. reginathorpe
      to think now this is the norm that an eleven week course is essential for all new chefs in their journey to obtain the certifications required to receive the title of executive chef. will a degree program create that mastery of the skill of culinary arts and what are your view on where a manager level in servsafe can do in relations to employment and pay scale
    13. reginathorpe
      thank you chef mccracken that was informative and revealing just what i needed to maintain a path of steady progress. do you think a felone can work in this industry
    14. lovecheesecake
      I cannot reply on my thread. Not sure why. Your suggestion is something to think about. What do you think of fried cheesecake balls with jalapeno served with raspberry sauce? I loved it but the batter needs a lil work
    15. kazi
      Good Evening Chef,I am Kazi from India.How r u ?I am a Italian specialist.Would u like to friendship with me?
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    Mar 6, 1942 (Age: 77)
    Porterville, CA
    Cook for others Re-create restaurant classics Culi
    Professional Chef
    Interests (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.):
    C/W dancing
    Personal Chef
    City Council member
    BS AE Cal Poly, SLO
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    Specialties: MasterCook/RecipeFox; Culinary logistics; Personal Chef; Small restaurant owner; Caterer
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