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    Keeping your restaurant and staff during the global crisis

    This whole glove thing is driving me nuts. I watch people at the store wearing not only latex or vinyl gloves but gardening gloves, work gloves, winter gloves, etc. They wear them everywhere and touch everything. They don't realize that both they and the public would be better served if they...
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    Keeping your restaurant and staff during the global crisis

    If you want a bit of data here's a bit for that I posted to FB the other day. Many people have been using the H1N1 outbreak of 2009 to compare this to to rationalize their beliefs that this is blown out of proportion, but it actually shows something very different. As of 3/20 there were...
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    Dried Apricots

    Look to Middle Eastern and North African cuisines. They often incorporate dried fruits into their savory dishes.
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    A question for all Professional Chefs!

    So, this is their first restaurant. What did they do before now? You need to explain it in terms that they understand. I often use an analogy to a construction foreman. It's not a perfect analogy, but it works. If the foreman is so busy doing "grunt" jobs then he is not doing his job which...
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    Chicken quesadillas, Guacamole, and.... what else?

    You could do them with other small peppers. The key is finding peppers that aren't too "sweet" nor to hot. You could also vary the fillings. Instead of cheese, like in a "traditional" jalapeno popper, stuff them with shredded chicken, or shrimp, wrap in bacon and bake or grill.
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    Chicken quesadillas, Guacamole, and.... what else?

    Don't know if the budget allows but what about ceviche? If you have a problem with serving "raw" fish, you can always do shrimp and grill it ahead of time before chopping it up and mixing it with the rest of the stuff. If just serving with chips, I will drain most of liquid off before serving.
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    Chicken quesadillas, Guacamole, and.... what else?

    Chips and salsa is the obvious answer, but if you are looking for something a little different, how about Tostones? These are fried plantain chips. They are simple to make, but do require a double frying technique. You peel and cut the plantains into chunks. Fry them at a lower heat than...
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    Prevention of hair in food

    What kind of hair are you finding in the food? Hair from different parts of the body have different characteristics. Chances are it is either beard hair or scalp hair. It could be pet fur, but again all these hairs look, and feel pretty different. As others have said hairnets and/or caps...
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    How do you make "processed" chicken nuggets? Like fastfood style chicken nuggets.

    As phatch said, they often start with mechanically separated chicken then add a bunch of fillers and binders to get that consistency. I think you can come up with better, tastier solutions. For instance, take all those scraps and misc. pieces and grind them up. Grind them finely, season and...
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    Cheese tasting like a bad smell, what do you really do with it?

    Washed rind cheeses, such as Reblochon, can be super stinky. You can often tell washed rind cheese by their orangish rind. In my experience, you either love or you hate washed rind cheeses. They can aromas described as stinky feet, horse manure, etc. and for some people the stinkier the...
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    How do I cook mushrooms?

    Why are you adding mushrooms to things such as chocolate and jams? What is your end goal with these?
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    Mozzarella cheese

    I usually just use 2 pairs of vinyl gloves. That usually does the trick.
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    Melt-in-your-mouth braised / slow-cooked meat dishes?

    I love braises! Two of my favorites are braised lamb shank and a traditional American beef stew served over torn up biscuits.
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    Im 36, posted here over the years, want to give it a shot again. Need feedback

    Welcome back. A couple of things; first I agree with sgsvirgil, from a mental health standpoint this might not be the right industry for you. Many, not all, but many kitchens are full of dysfunctional individuals and as such there is often a whole lot of "enabling" that goes on. The job can...
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    Appliances for a "home-based bakery"

    Currently, in Wisconsin, under the laws, as they stand, there is no sales cap on what a baker can sell. They can produce however much they want, and as long as they don't stray away from the guidelines of what they can produce, they aren't required to be inspected by the health department...
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