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    How to do proper pricing for a milkshake

    Hi Chewie. This is easy. For the most accurate costing use weight. Ice cream has air in it, so using volume measure can vary from brand to brand of ice cream. So, by weighing ingredients you can get exact measurements for milk, ice cream and whatever you toss in there. Things that are easy to...
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    So sad....

    I am glad I have had 0 interest during my long and continuing restaurant adventure to never call myself a chef. I have spent countless years learning how to be a better cook. I think of my time as getting paid to show up to practice every day. For that I am still grateful! I see the restaurant...
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    What to do with Halibut pieces?

    Broiled...then served with beurre blanc??? Maybe?
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    What to do with Halibut pieces?

    Halibut fish and chips. I know it is lowbrow and campy. But gee is it good!
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    Please help chocolate chip cookies

    Looking at the recipe it calls for baking powder and baking soda. I would remove the baking powder and keep the same amount of baking soda. Good luck.
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    Best way to chop saffron?

    I use a mortar and pestle for grinding saffron. I will add a pinch of salt or sugar to make some 'grit' to help the saffron threads pulverize.
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    Pasteurized milk

    Obviously, a passion for alpine skiing is an integral part of fine dairy products.
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    Pasteurized milk

    When I moved to Vermont I became a dairy products snob. They make it easy with the availability of small local dairies. A half gallon of non-homogenized, 'gently pasteurized' milk from one of my fav. local dairy comes in a glass bottle. I love the stuff. To me is still tastes 'grassy'. I just...
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    Roll production

    Look for a Dutchess roll cutter. You might find one used. They really speed up production roll making.
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    Having Children Working in this Industry

    Congratulations to you and your wife on your soon to be new family! I don't think that the specific hours you work the first couple for years after the baby arrives will be an issue. I worked dinner shifts when my kids were infants. I was around all day at home with the kids while my spouse...
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    Develop Struggling Team Members

    I believe the best thing to do is have an honest discussion one on one with each of your cooks. Tell them your concerns and let them tell you what they believe they need from you in the way of support so they can work at the level you need them to perform. This isn't about them as people, it is...
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    Minimum wage

    Yah. So, how about if a person decides to open a restaurant that actually fills a needed niche in a community that is needing of more restaurants instead of thinking a restaurant has to kowtow to some idea that location and great food/ high cost are somehow connected? I find most people on the...
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    Minimum wage

    I owned and operated my own restaurants till I sold them. Higher costs of goods are nothing new. And these are the types of things that contribute to the 80% failure rate of restaurants. I solved this issue by knowing how to buy food efficiently and by not having any excess layers of ownership...
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    Minimum wage

    My feeling is that restaurants became dependent on minimum wage workers when owners decided that an army of idiots in the kitchen was better than holding on to key tenured, efficient employees. The day the business became more important than the talent needed to run it, being a cook or chef...
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    Wild salmon

    Years ago, I was cooking at a cafe in Central Idaho on the Salmon River. I had a group of state fisheries and fish&game officials come in for dinner one night during a conference that they were attending. The entree that night? Poached Salmon! :P
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