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    Who would you like to chat with?

    Aww you poor thing...
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    Welcome Rod. :)
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    Hello Chefnewbie(ish)

    Welcome and hello. :)
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    Hi. I'm new.

    Hello and welcome :)
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    Welcome Mattyice.  :)
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    Greetings from Down Under!!

    Welcome :)
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    Who would you like to chat with?

    Your post seriously made me laugh.  Thank you... As I did not start the thread, I cannot explain to you the manner is which it was posted. As for Robert Irvine, it's for purely shallow reasons that have nothing to do with his cooking.  Hence, "bow-chicka-bow-wow". It's the internet...lighten...
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    My Fantastic French Toast Recipe

    LOL  I know how you feel!    I am working now and I am so craving some food!      I may have to hit the cafe soon.  
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    Best Christmas Cookie Icing?

    Thank you for the advice!   I will google those exact things and experiment until I find something I like.   Thank you so much for taking the time to answer!  :)
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    Best Christmas Cookie Icing?

    Your cookies look great! .....,and yummy!  Thank you!
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    newer here.

    Welcome!  :)
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    Who would you like to chat with?

    Robert Irvine!    Why? "Bow chicka bow wowwww".   ;)        lol
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    Best Christmas Cookie Icing?

    Hi guys! I'm starting to plan my holiday baking lists and am looking for a good sugar cookie icing that will decorate well...not be sloppy...yet still taste devine! I am planning on placing them in the Christmas baskets I make and want to get a bit more elaborate this year with my cut outs. ...
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    Does anyone have favorite brand of Olive oil...or other?

    Thank all of you for your replies.  They are very helpful!   :)
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