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    Feet in excruciating pain after 13 hour shift

    You did, but in doing so, you provided a definitive diagnosis and perscription. Shame on you.
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    Feet in excruciating pain after 13 hour shift

    To this I say, "Howdy, gyneroos! Dilated to meet ya!
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    Failing Practical exam for CC twice

    That's the trick, right? Saute or pop into the oven. Both may be right, depending? What's portion size? What breed? What else are you working on the line? Is it a Tyson Farms chicken on steroids, or natural free range? There's no standard other than the standard of the chef you're working...
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    Holding Baozi during service

    Love bao. Never been back of house in a Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant. Never thought to ask the chefs at the Vietnamese joints I visit. Whole Foods, I believe, steams and refrigerates, and their cold buns are quite nice. Well outside of my competence, really, but I would reckon daily prep...
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    Feet in excruciating pain after 13 hour shift

    Woah, woah! I didn't come back here groveling for forgiveness for my past, unwarranted arrogance and shit attitude just to play House M.D. on a culinary forum for ego's sake. My post was loaded with speculation based on what I picked up growing up in a medical family (a brilliant internist and...
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    Feet in excruciating pain after 13 hour shift

    I'm no physician, but my father was. You could have a severe degenerative condition. Early onset osteo degenerative disorder or an inflamatory disorder localized to lower extremities of some kind. Arthritis isn't always a condition of the very old. Yours sounds obviously nothing like a mere...
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    Menu / Product Question

    He's far inland. Tennessee. I lived in Dyersburg, 90mi north of Memphis. That price for a non-chain, creole seafood and the rest might actually be a tad underpriced. I couldn't eat seafood in TN unlesss it came frozen from Walmart a la 7lb bags of tilapia.
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    Hello is choosing chef job is wise idea?

    Don't do it. Learn a few basics. Lie your way onto the line at a decent restaurant with moderate to high volume. If you can handle a twelve hour shift pirouetting like a barefotted balerina over hot coals, whilst going full on shinobi on crack through veggies and proteins with a vast array of...
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    A Year Later (almost)

    Sure. I'll PM you, would love to network. Just moving out of shelter and into new apt tomorrow, no notice. Landlord ordered new tenants. Case worker order fired a GTFO and I'm gone! Whirlwind of activity atm. Cheers!
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    A Year Later (almost)

    Thanks for not taking the microplane to my scrotum and salting the wound, though I may deserve it. It's like finding an accepting and tolerant-but no bullshit-lover, who, after decades of bad relationships and poor, apathetic and selfish practice sets you straight and teaches you how to love...
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    A Year Later (almost)

    Howdy, folks. To start off, let me apologize for my previous attitude. It's no excuse, but I was in a very insane situation which affected every aspect of my life. Today, now in New Orleans, getting on firm footing living-situation-wise and on the line at a real restaurant, life is a bit...
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    Designs for restaurant.

    The French Room, Adolphus Hotel Dallas, TX. Now for something completely different.. FiAMMA Las Vegas.
  13. Designs for restaurant.

    Designs for restaurant.

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