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    Chef vs. Pastry Chef

    Any business is about the numbers. Whether your selling auto parts or pastries. It's all about negotiations. You must set your boundaries and goals. Due your due diligence. Look at the previous numbers. Show them where you're going to make up for your compensation. Never negotiate with the...
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    Minimum wage

    I personally think it comes down to the fact that there is no certification process to work in the industry. It cost me a bunch of money every time I want to bring on as a cake decorator. For everyone I put through the system I end up taking a bath because they don't work out. Ill have someone...
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    Need advice with training

    You'll never realize productivity until you give him ownership of the line. Not saying his way, but yours. You need to give all job descriptions ownership. You can't prevent fires. A good chef knows how to put them out.
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    Just my personal opinion. I've made these once or twice.5"3"1" in a few countries :>) When you finish rolling a sheet you need to fluff sheet to let it return. Then before each fold, just a spritz from a water bottle. they also need a short nap.
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    Walking off a job with no notice .... your thoughts?

    chefross, you know the respect I've will always have for you. respect for ones' self, I'm not so sure I'm on board. I view it as a moral philosophy, just for me that included all those around you. I have no problem walking of a job, but before I make that move I make sure I'm not putting an undo...
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    Walking off a job with no notice .... your thoughts?

    BTW, I never post to argue or create confrontation. Been here for decades. I apologize if I have offended anyone.
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    Walking off a job with no notice .... your thoughts?

    all wonderful responses. I don't disagree or agree. The name companies is a broad stroke to me. I speak from the other side as an owner of 37 yrs. Simple fact is, there does not exist a skilled labor pool. I understand I may have knocked the younger culinarians but it was my point that they...
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    Walking off a job with no notice .... your thoughts?

    this whole thread falls back on money and the lack of a certification requirement to enter this industry. It is the biggest industry in the world. There major money behind this industry to brainwash entry level employees. It's ok to work 80 hours a week because you have the passion. Passion and...
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    What Information Would Be Most Helpful

    Numbers, numbers, numbers, business administration, etc. Customer Service. Had to leave the private side of consulting food businesses simply because people did not understand the numbers. Numbers are intensely crucial in reference to risk! Customer Service!!! An anomaly in the business anymore...
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    Chef Of 25 years + needing help with new owners demands and treatments..what. To do . how to handle

    It sounds like an owner with no food experience. Very common place now a days. This administration has made everything IE: market, exports, imports to volatile to invest. You may have an unforeseen opportunity to fund your dreams. Just my personal 2 cents: with inexperience, you can't sit back...
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    Hair restraints are not for the health inspector. Health Inspectors only try to enforce their municipalities interpretation of FDA codes. I personally feel it's common sense. If you don't want hair falling into your food, than yes, beard,mustache, hair restraints. Decades ago I had to ask...
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    Food dye in pastry goods are coloring peoples mouth!

    There is no way around it. We don't deep color anything ingestible. If a customer insists. then we only color accents that can be removed and those are dried items. Stained teeth, lips, and tongues are one thing, but there could be a liability issue when you stain a $ 20,000.00 gown. We...
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    Croissant Butter

    You can certainly use compound butters for rolling into croissants. I've used slightly sugared blueberries to make violet croissants. You can use finely grated cheese. As chefpeon says, most fresh or dried herbs will usually turn black or dark. The flavors are pretty limitless. ground herbs like...
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    Question about intellectual property & partnerships.

    Just my 2 cents. Owner for 4 decades. STOP!!! With this new arrangement. You've somehow have gotten into this blurry litigious syndrome. A partnership agreement is the furthest thing you need for this relationship. Your attorney should have told you it was not necessary. That coupled with the...
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    I'm a newly promoted sous chef, I can cook, but I'm not creative, HELP!

    Chef, your ready for this job as long as you remain confident that you accomplish your given task. Culinary school or cook books will not result in you being creative. As for your original question, I would present this to your regular customers. They have chosen to dine with you for some...
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