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    Fried liver

    Thanks Brian. Onions only there to add some flavor along with a little salt and pepper. I scrape them off the liver, so will only add a small amount and cook a bit longer. Other choice is use onion powder DON
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    What did you have for dinner?

    Breaded veal culets, mashed potatoes and corn. Cantaloupe for dessert DON
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    Fried liver

    OK, Thanks for the info. My original thought was turn the heat higher. Every time I poked it with a fork. Just kept oozing red, so cranked it higher. Ended up having pizza for dinner As I have electric. Will try it around 4 and see how it goes Sunday dinner or pizza again chefbillyb -...
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    Fried liver

    I like fried liver, but first time I tried it years ago. Didn't turn out that well and haven't tried since. Recently tried looking for a recipe, but didn't like the way they were done. No coating in flour. No soaking in milk Finally found one, but minor glitch. Part of the instructions for...
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