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    Birth of a Chefs knife - Carter Cutlery Journeyman Program

    Looks like a great achievement; you must be real pleased !
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    Looking for help deciding on starter knives

    I think this is a good summary of what is in steels and their content;
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    First time sharpening, blade catching on finest grit stone

    I don't use a stone as hard as this (my hardest stone is a Shapton Pro 8000) so I am guessing a little. However, the consensus on finishing stones seems to be that as one is only polishing rather than removing metal with the 10,000+ stones, one should be exerting little pressure - I suspect you...
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    Advice on knife sharpening

    I would never have had the confidence to have a crack at free hand sharpening if youtube did not exist. I don't think its something that comes across in textbooks or instruction manuals. Having had a go now, my Edge Pro is currently gathering dust....
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    Three Fave Knife Brands

    I also wonder if the chipping I was seeing might have been from the OOTB edge. I've always been uncomfortable about sharpening the OOTB edge before actually playing with it a bit first. Since I sharpened it I don't think I have seen as much (if any) chipping. But, as I said, I haven't used it as...
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    Recommendations of US / UK food magazines

    Thanks guys, will check these out.
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    Three Fave Knife Brands

    That's a good idea, Rick, had forgotten about them. I'll try that when it next needs sharpening - its been a bit off rotation since a couple of new knives have arrived.
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    'Blacksmith finish' on Japanese Knives - why?

    Back to the KU issue - what about food release ? I assume that a Takeda with such an extensive KU aspect to it would have that advantage ?
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    Aussie trying to buy knives online

    As foody518 says, Knifewear have a very decent range, but I have not bought from there. The 2 I have actually bought from are; 1. Tosho Knife Arts Nice people (? a couple) who held my hand when my order took longer than expected to arrive and I panicked. They have an eclectic range of knives...
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    Aussie trying to buy knives online

    Hi skchef, Apart from Knives and Stones (whom I have ordered from a lot, and highly recommend), there are 2 other retailers which I know of that are Australian and which have the quality of knife which you would interested in. Chef's Armoury have quite a good range and if you live in Melb or...
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    Recommendations of US / UK food magazines

    Thanks Joni, I do like Saveur, it's not totally US-centric, which I really appreciate - kind of cool to be making Georgian dumplings and the like as a remedy to my usual repetoire, which is Asian-leaning because of my background. Being Down Under, shipping is a killer - I may have to settle for...
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    Recommendations of US / UK food magazines

    Hello fellow forumites, I have been horrifically bored of the variety of food /cooking magazines on offer Down Under for many a year and a couple of years ago, started getting Saveur and Lucky Peach delivered. The former I particularly like, as its not completely American-centric with its...
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    Sujihiki and Petty recommendations

    Pripps, I assume that you already know about the existence of your fellow countrymen at I like their selection of knives though have never bought due to the tyrannies of distance. Various forum posts here and there make them out to be nice people to deal with and recently someone...
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    Favorite cooking knife

    As boring as it may be, I keep gravitating back to a gyuto as my fave knife shape, preferring it to nakiris, cleavers, petties etc. I used to say the 240 length was the length for me but having gone out on a limb (so to speak) and ordering up a Mizuno Tanrenjo 270 gyuto, I am finding that this...
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    Nice knives, Joe. Looks like very good value right across the board. As you said, a spread of stainless and carbon to play with. Make sure you send us up some 'family' photos !
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