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    Chocoflex - invert sugar

    Thanks for your suggestion. I hate to give up on something.
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    Chocoflex - invert sugar

    Thank you for the reply. I really appreciate it. If it helps, let me give you the recipe in question and the ingredients I'm using. 125g Ravifruit Raspberry puree 25g invert sugar 100g cream 450g Valrhona Ivorie white chocolate, 35% 35g butter The ganache is coming together in the usual way...
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    Puff pastry advance prep

    I would invite you to try Michel Roux!s recipe for quick puff pastry. It can be put together really fast and yields great results when the full rise of puff pastry is not necessary or desired.
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    concave sponge cake

    The flour wasn't folded in thoroughly.
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    Chocoflex - invert sugar

    I have been trying to work with a raspberry ganache from Bachour’s “Chocolate” book. The recipe works just fine but for the fact that he suggests to fill silicone molds with it and freeze it. The recipe contains invert sugar and it never solidifies enough in the freezer to unmold it. I’m using a...
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    Stock vs Broth

    A broth is a liquid that meat was cooked in. Stock is MOSTLY made from bones and is meant to be simmered to extract everything from them. Soup made with real stock is likely to be heavy and overly rich. Broth is generally lighter and more suitable for a soup. The two words should not be used...
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    How to use inverted sugar

    Invert sugar is much sweeter than regular sugar. That being said, I usually substitute no more than 10% of the regular sugar with invert sugar for baked items. Just that small amount will change the texture and moisture of the end product. When ti comes to sorbet, that is a balancing act that...
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    Review by 'ocdshaver' on item 'The Art of French Pastry by Jacquy Pfeiffer'

    This is a great book written by a very passionate pastry chef. In many ways, a home cook might never need anything more. There are recipes for all seasons and Jacquay covers the details completely. If you've never made puff pastry or croissant dough, he walks you through every step, tells you...
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    Another plea for advice on knives

    Thank you.
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    Another plea for advice on knives

    Thanks for the recommendation. Is this a symmetrical edge?
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    Another plea for advice on knives

    First, thank you for the links. Second, do you own either of thes knives?
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    Another plea for advice on knives

    I can go either French or German since I use both. But for the sake of providing some direction, let's say French.
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    Another plea for knife reccomendation

    I know everyone likes to talk knives so I won't feel too bad asking for advice. I've been using western/German/French knives up to this point. They are great but I would like to get a Japanese chef knife. I would like it to be at or close to 10 inches. I'd like it close to a traditional western...
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    Another plea for advice on knives

    I'd be more apologetic for making another request to provide input on knives but people like talking knives anyway. For starters, I've been using old school German and French knives. They are great but I'm looking for a Japanese knife that is thinner. I want the knife to be as traditionally...
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