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  • Thank you for contacting me. I'm studying to be a Pastry Arts Chef and I'm deciding on whether or not to attend CIA in California or not. Any advice? Take care and lots of luck.
    Nico, thanks so much for taking time to welcome me, I am sure you are a busy man. Fine site you have here, lots of very informative, knowledgeable people here!

    Also, thanks for highlighting my pics on the main page, how very nice of you, I am humbled!

    Thank you Nicko, but it is I that should be thanking you for the privilege of participating in such a great site. I have many places to recommend in Montreal. Will let you know which ones .....
    Thanks, Nicko! I'm not sure where it came from but it does describe my state of mind on a good day LOL

    Hope all is well with you

    Thanks Nicko,
    It's a replica of an old east indian trading ship, the Batavia.
    It was taken in the Netherlands (quite a couple years ago. I was still looking young and not as grey as now ;))
    Hello i'm just about out of high school and looking to start my own restaurant is there any tips or advise any one can give me thank you all
    hello cheftalk moderators, members and chefs. wow im glad that i finally came back after long years of unattending my mails. i was still able to receive periodic issues and alerts and i thank this website for keeping my account recoverable. I remain as an aspiring chef up to this year:( The embassy has yet approved my student visa application to study culinary in NZ i just wish it will be granted soon so I can have good insights to share and inquire from this site. I am desperately wanting to be in this industry.
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