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  • Hi Nicko,

    Thanks for all your hard work in creating a really great site!
    I don't like airing issues in public, but I can't find any way to send a private message.

    Either your "Contact us" link is down, three unanswered messages, or are moderators are avoiding me?
    Part 2 of my Question- I would appreciate your permission to drop a survey on your forum to ask chefs what features and requirements they’d want in an app like this and to understand the needs of chefs such as those on your forum.
    Kind Regards

    Adrian Mulligan
    You may do so but only in the off topic forum. Late Night Cafe we call it.
    Hi Nicko,
    I am a chef of 20 years and worked all over Europe and Ireland, I now live in Ireland and returned to college to study computer science. I am in my final year and for my project artefact, I want to develop an app that checks HACCP compliance and cold storage etc.
    Hi Nico,

    I'm the Editorial Director for Santé magazine. It's a reboot of a print magazine that closed in 2003. The digital version will launch May 1, 2017. I'm a culinary school grad, editor, and writer. I'm looking for writers for paid and unpaid blog & feature stories. I'm also looking for "Behind the scenes," stories. You know the ones, those unbelievable, often cringeworthy, always hilarious, stories of kitchen hijinks & mishaps. It'll be an ongoing feature for the back of the magazine with names changed, if necessary, to protect the (not so) innocent. If you've got one yourself, or know someone who does, I'm very interested.

    I'm sure there are chef/writers that would jump at the opportunity to get some writing credentials. Are you interested? Can I post something about it?


    Deborah Norkin
    Editorial Director
    Santé Magazine
    Hello Nicko,
    I love this website and forums. I religiously followed Chef Mcracken posts. He was so spot on and helful.. i was just about to post something for him to get some feed back for a gig I am doing for new years. Been in business for years but continue to need help pricing things approximately. Could you help me ? Most important ly when did Chef Mcracken die? Recently or did I just see it ? do sorry to hear this. If you can get back to me love to run this gig ideas by you. Thank you La Jolie Chef.. (Nina)
    Congrats, Nicko, on your award for 'All Star' Writer. I like writing, too! Better watch out - I just may overtake you as the 'All star' champ! Glad to have such among us!
    Thank you Nicko for welcoming me to your wonderful site! I hope to learn a lot from the other students, Chefs, home bakers and cooks. Education comes from all walks of life and I hope to contribute correct information. Bible studies solidified your CIA decision, I am sure you prayed an awful lot during your stint in the various kitchens! Lord knows I do and I am only a student! Cheers Nicko!
    Chef Nicko,
    Thank for the welcome note. And thank for creating such a user friendly website where we can share our passion for food. My particular interest is culinary nutrition and my belief is we all benefit when nutritious and delicious share the same plate.
    Chef Nicko,
    I have no formal training behind me just a lot of hard work and I pride myself in being a fast learner. I have been cooking on a griddle since I was 16. So I had the bright idea of opening a little cafe in 2007. Doing Breakfast only it is starting to get just a little boring to say the least. No not the job but the menu, I am hoping to get some great "home style" breakfast ideas from this site.
    Anyway happy to be here...
    I am talking about the contest. I graduated about two years from culinary school; It was a wonderful experience. In my opinion, several things made school good. The first being is that it was not what I called a "diploma mill", IE your paid quite a bit of money and you graduated. Whether you learned anything is another .
    I went to a state technical school. The cost was substantially less. The instructors knew that we were their to learn a trade, not to tout a degree/diploma. The instructors made us work and gave us lots of encouragement because they had been there before, and knew what we would encounter. So if anyone is thinking about culinary school, think state technical schools.
    If anyone wants to contact me, my e mail is [email protected]
    Dear Nico,
    Thank you so much for your warm welcome. I am looking forward to share my knowledge and learn from all of you out there. I am far away in Africa but feel I belong to this great community. I am self taught in patisserie and cooking because foods, cake bread etc are my long life passion. For many years I spent any saving to go to Lenotre and other baking & cooking school to learn for a day, a week or even few hours. And as soon as the opportunity came up to use my passion as a profession I did. But still learn everyday and most of all share and give.
    I am sorry if my english is not always perfect I would so much prefer French if possible...
    Kind regards
    thank you for the invite.. much appreciated.. I will try make the effort to read and make comment and definitely enjoy the stories all the great members have to share.. you have had a full life of culinary delights in your life!!!
    thank you, looking for a chef again, i'm an owner and do most of the work. getting burned out need a break once in 8 years of being here. would love someone to take over that I can trust
    Nicko I would like to write about a fairly new food product Called Better Then Boullion assorted soup bases now available for use in home available in most supermarkets)
    Hi Nicko;
    Thank-you very much for welcoming me to your culinary group. My main interest at the moment is cake decorating. I hope that I can pick up some tips from members here and be of some benefit to your community.
    Sincerely Snowfleas (Vicki)
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