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  • Hi Nick,

    I actually joined just to track you down after your name came up when I searched "chipotle peppers, where to buy in Sydney, AU." I live in northern Maryland, USA and am a pediatrician who adventures constantly in cooking, usually with produce I grow myself.
    My son now lives in Maysfield, NSW and his girlfriend lives in Croyden Park. They have no automobile. Both are students, and Matt is also a SCUBA instructor.
    Matt is trying to reproduce some of my recipes, and fining it nearly impossible to locate Mexican items in the area. Apparently, I cannot mail in anything that resembles seeds or beans. Are there good mail order options? We are specifically looking for:
    chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, black turtle beans, jicama
    (it would be nice to find dried ancho chili peppers too for a favorite chili)
    If you can help us, I will gladly send you a heavenly recipe for black bean wraps with chipotle mayo and a fresh jicama slaw. Labor intensive, but the raves are worth it, and it is always the food my kids request for special occasions and guests.
    Thank you,
    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, and actually joined to help locate Mexican grocery items in the Sydney, AU area for my son, who lives there now.
    Any bright ideas?
    I'm a bit clueless how to navigate, so please help me out.
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