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    BBQ & Grilling and Wine

    they guys have all said merlot.  and honestly, when it comes to red meat, this is my first choice...
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    4 Best Herbs You Haven't Tried

    though ive heard of all these herbs before... I have yet to use one of them in my cooking!!!
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    Using a Pressure Cooker: What's the big deal?

    I like the pressure cooker coz it softens meat in a shorter amount of time compared to the traditional boiling the whole day.  its great for people who dont have lots of cooking time :)
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    What Is The Proper Consistancy for Meringue Cookies?

    moist inside...but crumbly and dry on the outside... said my cookbook!  :)
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    its been years since I had jambalaya!  i hope my friend Denice shows up this weekend since she is a better overall cook than I am and i want my jambalaya to be perfect! Bookmarking this recipe! 
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    Buttered Vegetables with Pecan Nuts

    sounds yummy... what are your suggestions for an alternative on the pecan nuts?  we have peanut sensitivity and the pecan might set it off... Thanks! 
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    My career is at a crossroads, and any wise advice would be appreciated.

    I too am not a chef but I believe that in order to fully understand the environment you are going to be in, the best experience is a hands on experience.  If you are in doubt as to your abilities to run a kitchen, start running a small one.  Once you get the hang of it, explore bigger better...
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    Do chefs use other people's Recipes

    I agree with our chefs here.  Restaurants usually serve a variation of a dish, so you are right about the "added twist".  Incidentally, I am not a chef but learned how to cook by watching our chefs in action :)
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    Some advice for a diabetic menu

    you can go to: there are a lot of articles and resources there on what you should know about cooking for a diabetic person.  Hope this helps! 
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    Wedding Reception Wine List

    I agree.  These varieties are quite popular and you wont have a hard time finding them.  And with those prices, you wont be breaking the bank! 
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    From Farm to Table-Top: An Innovative Restaurant Concept

    I guess this is because of the health craze too.  Nowadays people are more conscious about what they eat, how its processed and where it comes from.  Farm to kitchen places is a good way of ensuring that you get healthy food. 
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    Gargantuan Tipping

    I usually tip 15% regardless of how the service was(except of course in extreme cases where the staff yells at you etc).  I used to wait tables and its like my way of giving back to the wait staff coz being a waiter can be hard! When service is really really good then I leave a 20-25% tip. :)
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    Would you find this useful?

    This is like a food lotto... but it's cute! 
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    OK, now this is getting ridiculous

    Ahahaha... well, our tax money does have to go somewhere - insert sarcasm here! -
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    Home Remedy

    Im a great fan of home remedies, but I dont have one for hyperacidity... Please give me some suggestions.  I usually get acid reflux when I overeat... or if Im stressed... which means I get it a lot!  LOL! Thanks guys!
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