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    rolling out pie crust

    hi everyone i've finally figured out how to make a good pie crust dough, but now my problem is rolling it out.  i've found that putting it in between 2 pieces of saran wrap keeps it from sticking (it's pretty warm in summer), but then the problem is that the saran wrap isn't wide enough and...
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    Food, philosophy and science?

    mindful eating by janet chozen bays was interesting for me.  she's an md and a zen master.  eating is closely tied to our emotions: people who are overweight aren't eating for physical nourishment but rather sacrificing long term physical health for fleeting moments of short term mental solace. ...
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    Good basic cookbook using few ingredients?

    here's 2 classics and another good one that i like edouard de pomiane, french cooking in 10 minutes elizabeth david, italian cooking jacques pepin's table (lower fat and sugar yet tasty) many "healthy" cookbooks take regular recipes and just cut the fat and sugar (sometimes substituting in...
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    french tarts - classic cookbook?

    hi so i have a little too-healthy cookbook collection, and so im trying to be more selective with cookbooks.  i had trouble with pies for years, then last year it all clicked and i can make good pies, so now im trying to learn about all kinds of pies.  so for american pie books, i looked at...
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