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    Anyone watch H-ll's Kitchen?

    with all do respect to andy, i think he made a horrible mistake because he's coming off as an amateur. i feel bad for him.
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    whats your longest time at one kitchen???

    i'm usually good for 3 years or so. by that time i usually get bored and start looking to upgrade my situation.
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    Empanada dough; difficult stuffing / crimping

    wow, my recipe is completely different from yours. i use 5 cups flour, 3 tbs salt, i cup butter, 2 eggs(whole), 1 cup ice cold water, 2 tbs white vinegar. i think your recipe looks a bit dry, also i think the milk is throwing you off. i use water to seal the empanada, egg wash to glaze the...
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    cow feet soup/beef feet in general

    define cow foot. are you talking about the hoof ?
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    Anyone watch H-ll's Kitchen?

    haha, i was right, i knew there was no way anyone would actually trust those guys. here's a link to past winners****'s Kitchen 3 winner will be a "head chef," but the show has never given its announced prize + reality blurred. no one actually got what was promised, they just were not capable...
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    Adding shine to fondant?

    i agree with the steam, especially if your fondant is black, but i tend to stick with a combination of Luster Dust and vodka or Everclear. It comes in different colors, golden, clear and silverish. you can even add vanilla to it for extra flavor, not that anyone actually eats the fondant...
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    Anyone watch H-ll's Kitchen?

    I'm not convinced that there really is a job for them. maybe in the fine print it says the job or cash equivalent, lol. as a cook, can you have any respect for these guys after they get done making asses of themselves on tv. would you really trust any of those guys with your multi million dollar...
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    Need Advice on What I Should Be Applying for

    hang in there. until then, there's no shame in taking a job just to put some money in your pockets, unless you're working for mcdonalds or fat burger most chefs won't hold it against you. try hotel work, they're always looking for staff, as the turn over is fairly high in those places.
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    Anyone watch H-ll's Kitchen?

    it's plain to see that they cast for drama and not skill or leadership abilities. can you honestly see any of those guys running a multi million dollar restaurant?? even the one's who are actual "executive chefs" are complete idiots, lol. that being said, i still watch the show for the pure...
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    Cooking Across Asia

    good for you !!! i always thought the best way to expand your knowledge is to travel and see and taste what the rest of the world is doing. the only advice i have is to use the internet to make contacts and perhaps someone will let you into their kitchen.
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    whats your test for line cooks????

    mystery basket. i provide 2 or 3 proteins, 1 type of pasta, usually 2 weird ingedients , for example i love to give people leechies cause no one knows what to do with them, lol. i give them the run of the pantry and 1 hour to impress me. i need 3 courses. also i don't expect people to wear a...
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    Please help to translate into english

    as far as i can tell they're ingredients. heirloom carrot, rutabega, and heirloom beets. it has been quite a while since i've been to france so my translation could be a little off.
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    ***** Top Chef: Las Vegas *****

    i love this season. it seems they decided to pass on the people with no talent but big personalities and instead got legit chefs with talent. unfortunately they all seem very boring now, lol. if you go through the biographies, and yes i'm guilty of that, you'll see that there seems to be some...
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    customer request...

    get a free dinner and taste the food. only you know if you have the ability to copy the dishes. while having dinner you might also point out changes or thoughts on the dishes, maybe you can change her ideas of making strict copies. what kind of restuarant is it ? i say go, at least get a nice...
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    Proper way to prep side salads

    6 bucks a person is kind of tight, especially with 3 courses. how about a nice veal blankette for your main. it's tasty, easy, very classic, easy to dish up, and reasonably priced.
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